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An action-packed finale sets a poignant and emotional exclamation point for the season, bringing many of the conflicts and character arcs to their proper conclusion and setting the stage for an already confirmed sequel.

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This recap of See season 2 episode 8, "Rock-A-Bye", contains spoilers, including a discussion of See's season 2 finale.

last week's episodeverended on such a cliffhanger that it would have been cruel not to continue with the finale, "Rock-A-Bye," an action-packed dynamite banger close to a well-above-average second season of Apple's action fantasy. TV+. blow. This show knows how to create an ending. the first seasonIt did a good job of bringing many of the characters' arcs and ongoing stories to a logical conclusion.while also setting the stage for a sequel; This one does the same, albeit on a much larger scale, thanks in no small part to another eight world-shaping episodes and a lot more money poured into the production. what did you thinkverIn season two so far, it's hard to argue that "Rock-A-Bye" isn't a well-executed (albeit temporary) touching farewell.

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Check out the synopsis for episode 8 of season two

As we saw last week, the battle between Payans and Trivantians has begun. As our heroes flee to the fortress of Greenhill Gap, the Trivantian army steadily advances, far outnumbering their forces. Almost everyone present believes that his death is imminent. Baba even orders Haniwa and Kofun to return to Pennsa to save himself and tells Maghra to evacuate the city, but both refuse. Someone else can deliver this message to you. Baba Voss' children are with him to the end.

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The end may be near. The Trivanter launches a battering ram at the fortress gates, and the tension builds with each strike. But in the distance, Baba hears something: the cries of the Hidden Tribes, led by Bow Lion, Paris and Toad. They bring in another 100 fighters, all loyal to Baba Voss. This is a big moment. It brings characters like Bow Lion back into action. It's worth the detour we took on an earlier episode of Hidden Tribes, and it brings more of Kofun and Toad's relationship, even if it's easy to see how it's going to end. And it gives Baba Voss an excuse to deliver a blistering speech that nearly landed me in war. He's so strong and alpha that even Edo can hear him outside. Instead of waiting for the Trivanter to break down the door, he suggests just opening it and letting them in. And that's exactly what they do.

This show has always had great, unique action choreography, but Rock-A-Bye is where it really shines. If you're wondering how an all-out siege would work in a world that almost no one can see, you have the answer. There's a tremendous moment of stillness and stillness after the door opens: Trivanters can't just attack because they don't know what they're getting into. Baba and Tamacti Jun silently grab her. Haniwa eliminates them. The accumulation is unbearable. When things escalate, many different dynamics come into play. Little scout Edo, the sighted one, directs his crossbowmen. Baba and Tamacti lead the troops through a trench full of tar bags, but at the end of the path they get into a fight because Baba accidentally blows out the flame they need to light the trap (because he can't see!). Hidden tribes attack ropes and beat skulls; Edo and Wren fight side by side; Haniwa, Kofun, Charlotte, Bow Lion and Toad have their individual highlights.

Kofun gives a good account of itselfverSeason 2 episode 8 honest. You can see him actively putting into practice what Baba and Toad have taught him throughout the season. It is even Kofun who pursues the scout Edo Seer, though he fails to kill him. But it's also Kofun who, accidentally or not, kills Toad, so I couldn't help but feel frustrated even though I knew this was coming. More could have been done of this character. As he bleeds to death, he pleads with Kofun to "tell Paris", claiming that she will know what he means, and then preaches some final words: "Well, do me a favor".

Thanks to the ingenuity of the tribes and the fort's various quirks, the Trivanter are unable to assert themselves in battle. And there's a cheat code to end the fight that the good guys can use, dropping a giant boulder from above and letting it shatter the icy fortress floor, crumbling the ice blocks and dooming the Trivanters to an icy, watery death. Baba takes care of that after we have a cool scene where he listens to the geography of battle to figure out where his allies and enemies are. For some reason, he takes off his armor to reveal his Jedi-style robes, or more specifically, samurai-style robes. Probably to make his escape more agile, since he's in the middle of the chaos when the ice breaks. Wren realizes too late what is happening. He orders everyone to retreat, but they are already on ice. He collapses under them and throws everyone, including Wren, into the water. Edo, devastated, cries out for her. He's gone when she reappears a moment later, alive but barely.

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All of the main characters except Toad survive the fight. Even the psychic boy is alive: Charlotte will take him to safety. Seeing that Haniwa has been located, he claims that she is fighting on the wrong side, but she tells him that people like her have always been on the wrong side; the isolated, the bandits. That must be why he's saying goodbye to Wren. Kofun is enraged by this, horrified at the thought of freeing a Trivantian soldier, but Haniwa tells him "She is my people." Kofun's idea of ​​judging someone for their decision making is quite rich.

The rivalry between Baba and Edo Voss also comes to a poignant conclusion in "Rock-A-Bye". After the battle, Edo lures his brother to a nearby bridge where, despite the fact that the battle is over, they lay down their weapons and engage in a good old fashioned brawl. Again, it's well choreographed, especially for two big men. This time, however, Baba, not as hurt as when they first met, manages to get the upper hand. However, Edo does not give up. "My father couldn't get me to kill you," says Baba, "and neither can you." But you are wrong. Edo basically commits suicide with his brother, stabbing Baba in the back with his own sword, forcing Baba to seek revenge. Both fall to the ground as Edo bleeds to death. "Tell me, did father really order you to kill me?" asks Edo. "Yes, he did," replies Baba. Edo's last words are, "What an idiot." When dying, it is difficult to know whether Baba is laughing or crying.

Baba and the children receive a warm welcome in Pennsa, but things aren't exactly going well at the fort. Earlier, Sibeth had told Maghra that her baby belonged to Kofun and wallows in incest, nearly strangling her, but Maghra decides to take the child shortly after birth. "Take care of my crown, Maghra," says Sibeth, "I want it back." It is also a mess when Maghra makes a speech after the fight, stating that there are no more witches in the world and therefore no more witch hunters. She promotes Tamacti Jun to General of the Payan Army and the Witch Hunters to the Royal Guard, but many stand up and leave in moral disagreement. There is clear conflict here between Tamacti and one of the other hardened witch hunters, who then explains to Maghra that he will no doubt recruit more to his cause and return. He thinks his days of service may be over, but Maghra says she needs him and, as he thinks she is her father's daughter in every way, he says she will consider it. A story for another season.

Speaking of which, whatever Baba's story is, it's not going to happen at Pennsa. Even after enjoying the night with his wife, he tells her that she doesn't belong here. He declines Lord Harlan's offer to join Payan's army, telling Harlan that the war is over, for him at least. That night, he says goodbye to his sleeping wife and children and quietly disappears into the night as he walks alone through a vast snowy landscape.

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Finally, we also catch up again with Jerlamarel's son, who has been chilling with Edo's caretaker all season and has obviously developed some kind of explosive. In the last demo, the bombs are a success. Looks like we have another villain next season here.

In an epilogue, Sibeth screams in pain into the night. Paris visits her with all her experience as a midwife. Sibeth sympathetically jokes about breaking up with the boy, which is an understandable concern, but when she leans in on Paris, she slashes his throat with a hidden blade. As she bleeds to death, Sibeth declares that she will kill the child before she is taken away and that she will kill anyone who tries to take her away. In a low voice, he sings "Rock-A-Bye" to end the episode and the season.

You can stream Season 2 Episode 8 "Rock-A-Bye" exclusively on Apple TV+. Do you have any thoughts on See's Season 2 finale? Let us know in the comments.


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