Translation of Sura Mulk, Arabic and English transliteration (2023)

Translation of Sura Mulk, Arabic and English transliteration (1)

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Al-Mulk is the 67th chapter of the Qur'an and consists of 30 verses. See the translation of Sura Mulk and its transcription into English.

The surah emphasizes that no one can impose his will on another; You just have to lead and set an example.


(Video) Quran : 67 Al Mulk (The Sovereignty) Arabic and English Translation and Transliteration HD

Summary of Sura Al Mulk

Namedomain, sovereignty,
to control
surah beforeAt-Tahreem
delete laterOf course Qalam
Position29 of
number of verses30

Surah Mulk in Arabic

  • In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful
  • 1. Blessed be He in whose hands is the kingdom, and has power over all things.
  • 2. Who created life and death to prove to you which of you is really the best, and He is the Mighty, the Forgiving.
  • 3. The one who created the seven-layered heavens. You see no discrepancies in the creation of the Most Merciful. So he rolls your eyes back, do you see any breakfast?
  • 4. Then return your vision twice, and your vision will return to you in despair and you will be sad.
  • 5. We certainly adorned the lower heaven with lamps and stoned it for the demons, and prepared for them the punishment of fiery fire.
  • 6. And for those who deny their Lord, the punishment is hell, and the end is miserable.
  • 7. When playing, listen to her inhale as she bubbles.
  • 8. He can be seen almost in anger: when a regiment is released, he asks his captors: "Has no warning reached you?"
  • 9. They said: Yes, a teller came to us, but he denied us, and we said: Allah did not send anything.
  • 10. And they said: "If we had listened or reasoned, we would not be among the companions of the Burning Fire."
  • 11. So they confessed their guilt, damn Blaze's companions!
  • 12 Those who fear their invisible Lord will have forgiveness and great reward.
  • 13. Hide your speech or make it public: Indeed, He is Omniscient in the breasts.
  • 14. Being he the meek, the known, does he not know who was created?
  • 15. He it was who subjected you to the earth, so wander among its slopes and eat of his provision, and to him is the resurrection.
  • 16. Do you believe in heaven, that the earth will swallow you, and then, behold, it is full of dates?
  • 17. Or did you believe in heaven that I would send a calculator against you, so that you would know what a teller is?
  • 18. And those before them denied them, then how was Nakir
  • 19. They did not see the birds above them, clean and abundant, no one sustains them but the Merciful, verily He is the Seer of all things.
  • 20. Is not this the Merciful, who is a soldier for you, who helps you? Certainly, the disbelievers are only deceived.
  • 21. Is he the one who takes care of you when he denies you care?
  • 22. Is he who lies face down better guided than he who walks upright on the straight path?
  • 23. Say: "He begot you and gave you hearing, sight and heart." Little is what you give thanks.
  • 24. Say: He it was who scattered you throughout the earth, and to him you will be gathered.
  • 25. And they say: When is this promise if it is true?
  • 26. Say: "Knowledge is only in God, and I am only a clear warning."
  • 27 And when they saw him approaching, the faces of the disbelievers were saddened, and they said: 'Thus you said.
  • 28. Say: Have you ever thought that if God destroyed me and those who are with me, or was merciful to us, who would save the disbelievers from a painful punishment?
  • 29. Say: "He is the one who forgives. We believe in Him and trust in Him. Then you will know who is in manifest error."
  • 30. Say: "Have you ever seen that when your waters are receding, who can bring you a certain amount of water?"

Secure transliteration of Mulk

  • 1. Tabarakal lazee biyadihil mulk wa huwa 'alaa kulli shai-in-qader
  • 2. Allazee khalaqal mawta walhayaata liyabluwakum ayyukum ahsanu ‘amalaa; wa huwal 'azeezul ghafoor
  • 3. Allazee khalaqa sab'a samaawaatin tibaaqam maa taraa fee khalqir rahmaani min tafaawut farji'il basara hal taraa min futoor
  • 4. The Reconciliation of Ji'il Basara Karrataini Yanqalib Ilaikal Basara Khaasi'anw Wa Huwa Haseer
  • 5. Wa laqad zaiyannas samaaa'ad dunya bimasaa beeha wa ja'alnaahaa rujoomal lish shayaateeni wa a'tadnaa lahum 'azaabas sa'eer
  • 6. Wa lilazeena kafaroo bi rabbihim 'azaabu jahannama wa bi'sal masir
  • 7. Izaaa ulqoo fehaa sami'oo laa shaheeqanw wa hiya tafoor.
  • 8. Takaadu tamayyazu minal ghaizz kullamaaa ulqiya feehaa fawjun sa alahum khazanatuhaaa alam ya'tikum nazeer
  • 9. Das Qaaloo der Gefahr qad jaa'ana nazeerun fakazzabnaa wa qulnaa maa nazzalal laahu min shai in all knowledge by the power of Kabir
  • 10. And the Gesetz qaloo is nasma'u awna'qilu or he is feee as haabis sa'eer
  • 11. Fa'tarafoo bizambihim fasuhqal li as haabis sa'eer
  • 12. Innere lazeena yakhshawna rabbahum bilghaibi lahum maghfiratunw wa ajrun kabir
  • 13. Wa asirroo qawlakum awijharoo bih; innahoo 'aleemum bizaatis sudoor
  • 14. Alaa ya'lamu man khalaqa wa huwal último khabir
  • 15. He is the one who loves the children of the famous fairy Manaakibihaa wa kuloo mir rizqih; wa ilaihin nushoor
  • 16. 'A-amintum man fissamaaa'i aiyakhsifa bi kumul arda fa izaa hiya tamoor
  • 17. Am amintum man fissamaaa'i ai yursila 'alaikum haasiban fasata'lamoona kaifa nazeer
  • 18. Wa laqad kazzabal lazeena min qablihim fakaifa kaana nakeer
  • 19. Awalam yaraw ilat tairi fawqahum and they are just; will give birth il'lar rahmaan; Innahoo Bikulli T-shirt with base
  • 20. Amman haazal lazee huwa jundul lakum yansurukum min doonir rahmaan; inilkaafiroona illaa fee ghuroor
  • 21. Amman haazal lazee yarzuqukum on the morning of provision; the rate of bal lajjo 'utuwwinw and nufoor
  • 22. Afamai yamshee mukibban 'alaa wajhihie ahdaa ammany yamshee sawiyyan 'alaa siratim mustaqeem
  • 23. Qul huwal lazee ansha akum wa ja'ala lakumus sam'a wal absaara wal af'idata qaleelam maa tashkuroon
  • 24. Qul huwal lazee zara akum fil ardi wa ilaihi tuhsharoon.
  • 25. Don't you know that Haazal wadu sent kuntum?
  • 26. Qul innamal 'ilmu 'indallahi wa innamaaa ana nazeerum mubeen
  • 27. Die Argumente von Ra-awhu Zulfatan see'at wujoohul lazeena kafaroo wa qeela haazal lazee kuntum bihee tadda'oon
  • 28. Qul ara'aytum in ahlaka niyal laahu wa mam ma'iya aw rahimanaa famai-yujeerul kaafireena min 'azaabin aleem
  • 29. Qul Huwar Rahman, the kindest, the faithful, the kindest
  • 30. Eles disseram, 'Asbaha maa'ukum ghawran famai ya'teekum bimaaa'im ma'een.

Complete images of Sura Al Mulk

Translation of Sura Mulk, Arabic and English transliteration (2)
Translation of Sura Mulk, Arabic and English transliteration (3)
Translation of Sura Mulk, Arabic and English transliteration (4)

Translation of Sura Mulk to English

  • 1. Blessed be He in whose hand is dominion, and has power over all things;
  • 2. Who created death and life to test him [and see] which of you is the best in conduct, and He is Almighty, Forgiving;
  • 3. Who created seven heavens one above the other; you will see no fault in creating the Most Merciful. look again; Do you see an error?
  • 4. Keep looking; your gaze will return to you humiliated and weary [not having found any flaw in Allah's creation].
  • 5. We adorned the lower sky with lamps and turned them into projectiles to be thrown at the demons; and we prepared for them the punishment of violent fire.
  • 6. For those who do not believe in their Lord, it will be the punishment of Hell, the end of an unhappy journey.
  • 7. Hanging up, they hear her sighing as she boils.
  • 8. Explode with anger. Every time a group enters, the guards ask: Didn't a guard come to you?
  • 9. They will say: Yes, indeed, a guardian came to us, but we did not believe and said: Allah did not send anything; Without a doubt, you are in a serious mistake.
  • 10. And they will say: If we had heard or understood, we would not be among the inhabitants of the raging fire.
  • 11. Thus they will recognize their sin. So, out with the angry inhabitants of the fire!
  • 12. Truly, those who secretly fear their Lord will have pardon and great reward.
  • 13. Whether you hide your word or declare it openly, verily He knows very well what is in the hearts [of men].
  • 14. How could He who created not know His own creation if He is the Knower of Subtleties, the All-Knowing?
  • 15. He is the one who made the land hospitable to you, so travel through his regions and eat the provision that he granted; and for him it is the resurrection.
  • 16 Are you sure that He who is above the heavens will not make the earth swallow him up and suddenly begin to tremble?
  • 17. Are you sure that He Who is above the heavens will not hurl a violent fall of stones against you? Then you will know the consequences of my warning.
  • 18. Those who came before them also rejected [the truth]; How great was then the change I made!
  • 19. Don't you see the birds above, opening and [partially] folding their wings [and flapping them in flight]? No one sustains them except the kindest. Truly, He sees all things.
  • 20. What group is there that could come to your aid against [the punishment of] Clemente? In fact, the unbelievers are completely deceived.
  • 21. Who could provide for you if Allah withheld His provision? However, they persist in defiance and dislike.
  • 22. Is the one who stumbles and falls on his face better guided, or the one who walks straight on a straight path?
  • 23. Say: He it was who created you and gave you hearing, vision and understanding; it is little that you give thanks.
  • 24. Say: He it is who has scattered you over the earth, and to him you will be gathered.
  • 25. They say: When will this promise be fulfilled if you tell the truth?
  • 26. Say: Knowledge [when it comes] belongs to Allah alone. I'm just a clear director.
  • 27. When they see [punishment] approaching, astonishment will cover the faces of the unbelievers, and it will be said: This is what you asked for.
  • 28. Say: What do you think, if Allah kills me and my companions or is merciful to us, who can then (in both cases) save the disbelievers from painful punishment?
  • 29. Say: He is the Merciful; we believe in Him and trust in Him. You will learn who is clearly wrong.
  • 30. Say: What if your water was groundwater, who could bring you accessible water?

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