Transformers: EarthSpark: The Amazing Show of 2022's Guide! (2023)

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The thirty-seven year history of The Transformers has seen its fair share of entries into its vast multimedia empire. Starting with a series of Japanese processing robots with a history stretching back to the G.I. Joe Toys, Transformers has become a story so vast that there are too many universes to tell.

However, dubbed with recent fan reaction to the final trilogy of the series.Transformers: Cybertron War-Trilogy, a show produced by the recently controversial Rooster Teeth Productions in association with Polygon Pictures (known to fans as the animation studio that produced the hittransformers: cousin), many fans were hesitant after the announcement of a new series.

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the series is calledTransformer: earth funk, and has proven to be positively divisive among die-hard Transformers fans. From introducing graphic recreations of fan-favorite characters to a show produced with Nickelodeon Animation funk he certainly made his mark on the Transformers fandom. But it's the show¿intestine?

What are transformers?

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To explain what Transformers is, I have to pretend that whoever is reading this has no idea what "Transformers" is. So let's get that out of the way.

In 1984, Hasbro and Takara Tomy began production in partnership with Marvel Comics.the transformers, animated series that premiered on September 17 of that year. The show, comics, and series featured the instantly iconic Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen) as he and the Autobots took on Megatron (Frank Welker) and his band of evil Decepticons. The show often brought life lessons to children watching across America and inspired many to embrace Optimus as their own surrogate father figure. The trio of press releases blew up American homes, making Optimus, Megatron, Bumblebee and Starscream household names.

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The series spawned several sequels and spin-offs, including the direct sequel.beast wars: transformers, which in turn inspired characters to be released next yearTransformers: Rise of the Beasts🇧🇷 Many of the series were divisive among fans, and some are favorites, such asTransformers: Animated(created by Derrick J. Wyatt, who ran Cartoon Network'steen Titans) and others that are generally unpopular, such asTransformers: Robots in Disguise (2015), a follow-up series as wellTransformers: Prime.

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Transformers has become one of the most popular toy series and animated films to be televised worldwide, spanning several live-action films (which are also filled with divided opinion among fans). So how does it workearth funkassert yourself in front of the mass media crowd?

WhereTransformers: EarthsparkPare?

earth funkpremiered on Friday, November 11, 2022 as an exclusive series on Paramount+. The series debuted with ten episodes and introduced new characters and returning favorites in new and improved ways. Since its release, the series has definitely had fans praising the show's ability to mix action and heartfelt teaching moments. The cast is also filled with talented actors and actresses, giving each character their own unique personality and allowing fans to fall in love with them.

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Let's start with the new characters. The series has four central characters: the human brothers Morgan "Mo" Malto and Robby Malto, and the "Terrans" Twitch and Thrash. Mo and Robby, voiced by Zion Broadnax and Sydney Mikayla respectively, take center stage as their central arcs lead into the series' many stories. For example, the series deals with the brothers' move from Philadelphia to the small town of Witwicky (one of many references to the original 1984 cartoon).

However, when the two fall into a glowing cavern, they inadvertently aid in the creation of the first Earth-born Transformers, dubbed "Terrans". Twitch (Kathreen Khavari) is a feisty little Transformer who transforms into a small drivable drone. Thrash (Zeno Robinson) is a hot-headed bot who transforms into a motorcycle with a sidecar attached. Both are very childlike in nature, which adds to the show's childlike appeal. On Twitch in particular, many fans felt protected and quickly became one of the show's standout characters.


But as said, the show also boasts its star-studded cast, all of whom have taken on the roles of many iconic characters. For example, Optimus Prime returns, now with a truly iconic voice actor in Alan Tudyk, known for his voice acting inStar Wars: Rogue Unoydestruir ralph🇧🇷 He's no stranger to the franchise either, having played the character Dutchman in 2011.Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon.Megatron also returns, this time in the role of the good guy (you read that right, fans of thelost lightcomics can celebrate), this time with the voice ofwar two thrones' own puppy, Sr. Rory McCann.

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Bumblebee also makes a more centralized appearance as a mentor to Twitch and Thrash, voiced bycommunityStudent Danny Pudi. And like any good series, each show needs its own villain. This can be found in the deep voice of Diedrich Bader, who voiced Mandroid on the show. Bader is best known in the animated community for providing the voice of Batman.Batman: The Brave and the Boldas well as the Caped Crusader on HBO Max'sHarley Quinn🇧🇷 All of the characters have franchise-worthy personalities, and each stands out in their own way.

to history ofTransformers: Earthspark

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Without going too far into spoiler territory,Transformers: Earthsparkdevelops in a similar wayalf, in which the Malto family tries to protect Twitch and Thrash from government exposure. They even go so far as to say that the government could dissect the Earth-born Transformers couple. The show also offers life lessons like preparing for a fight (and how to avoid one), family unity and following the rules. The show is clearly made for children, and even Optimus makes a joke here and there. The show even delves into the concepts of learning to be a father, as Bumblebee tries to change his mindset by training Twitch and Thrash to be proper Autobots.

Megatron is one of the featured characters and takes on an almost Optimus-like role trying to protect the Decepticons he led after the truce between the two factions. He even mentions that Optimus is more or less obedient to the G.H.O.S.T. recognized government agency primarily associated with the N.E.S.T. it is identical. of live action movies. Other notable characters include Twitch, whose exciting and competitive nature is popular with fans.


I cannot emphasize this enough: this is aKinderShow. You won't find many adult themes. That's not to say that many current kids' shows don't have mature themes, as Nickelodeon is no stranger to the cult classic.Avatar the last airbender🇧🇷 That's not to say the action is mediocre. The battles between the Transformers are epic, with some notable animation in the two-part Age of Evolution episode. fans oftransformers: cousinYou will certainly appreciate the amount of firepower these battles have.

But be warned, the show doesn't focus as much on the classic characters as most other entries in the franchise. The only major Transformer to appear in every episode (so far) is Bumblebee, who after his presumed death went into hiding before the start of the series' story. None of this is to say the show doesn't carry weight as a solid entry in the franchise.

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Transformers: Earthspark: is it good or bad?

While the show is still in its first season via Paramount+, with new episodes releasing weekly on Fridays, it's hard to say whether the show will survive the landing. Nickelodeon is new territory for Transformers, even if online streaming isn't. But with a really solid cast of characters, some glorious action that any fan will love, and some inclusive moments that will have a lot of fans rooting,earth funkproved worthy of the Transformers name.

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For now,Transformers: Earthsparkis available to stream on Paramount+, with the first ten episodes available in the US. Unfortunately, other countries like Canada will have to wait as they will only be able to see the double episode premiere. The premiere can also be streamed on YouTube (link below). tell us what you thinkTransformers: Earthsparkon Twitter and follow us for more breaking news, including a retrospective of the 2007 live-action film to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the film's release. Stay tuned to Illuminerdi for all your nerdy news!

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