The Way Home: Lovefool Season 1 Episode 8 review (2023)

Kat is a highly commendable time traveler.

Jacob was the exception, but he usually keeps a safe distance from the people he loves, even though he wants to offer them comfort.

If ever there was a time when Kat wanted to meet her parents,The way home season 1 episode 8that would have been all.

Maybe Kat took Elliot's words about the dangers of prying into the past to heart. She probably needs answers that can only be found as a researcher.

Interacting with people you love in the past to find answers can inadvertently manipulate the outcome. It is much more important for her to understand her past.

Now that she and Alice have done everything necessary to save Jacob only to make him disappear anyway, Kat's search is more nuanced.

It pains her to see the love between her parents, which she was right to have, how idyllic it was clouded in her mother's imagination. She thought it would be as easy as finding out what Colton was doing at the motel, but it's never that easy.

However, seeing Colton suffer so much and keeping it from Del doesn't say much about their idyllic marriage. The love was there, sure, but losing a child can have a chilling effect on the deepest love.

Everyone processes grief differently, and Colton and Del were on opposite spectrums. The way Del dealt with it was to accept what was and put the tragedy behind him.

Del would never forget his son, but living without knowledge, thinking endlessly about it, would have torn her apart. She had to be brought back to life to deal with it.

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Colton, on the other hand, needed answers. Acceptance wasn't good enough for him. He had to exhaust all possible avenues before giving up his child. Knowing Del's feelings from her caused him to isolate himself from her and keep secrets from her, which she misinterpreted as taking her love elsewhere.

In fact, he took his pain elsewhere and used it to further investigate a mystery that wasn't meant to be solved.

I wish every couple who suffered the unimaginable horrors of losing a child who was never found had a mysterious lake calling to them to find answers to the mysteries that drove them apart.

The distance between people is an abyss that widens the further they get from each other.

Del and Cole were so cruel that they feared that sharing would drive them away from each other, but any kind of communication is better than keeping the other in the dark. Every unspoken word increases the distance between two people until it seems impossible to find your way home.

By exploring the past, Kat hopes to mend Del's broken heart. It would have been a miracle to restore Jacob's life as they knew it, but restoring Del's faith in the love she shared with her husband is just as important.

Colton died, but Del felt that she had lost him long before. She did, but probably not for the reasons he thought he would.

Kat stayed away from her grieving father, but she came to understand what he was doing and hoped that sharing her discovery with Del would start the healing process. But like most things in her life, she opened the door to another mystery.

Going with my gut, I think continued trips down memory lane will result in Kat meeting the unknown woman at the funeral, another false flag of her father's alleged infidelity.

Colton demonstrated how he methodically expressed his pain and did not seek comfort in the arms of another woman. He wanted answers to save the family from him. He didn't want to invent new reasons to make her unhappy.

Kat has work to do. Del she can't afford to love again, and it's not because she's holding on to Colton's love. She holds on to the pain of losing him just before he dies. When Byron left her, she watched him and Colton walk away from her one last time. Talk about moving.

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Kat's perspective on love changes as she learns more about her parents. She vacillates between calling love an illusion and realizing that every moment is precious. There will never be a perfect moment, so you have to hug everyone before they disappear.

Elliot has spent his entire life waiting for Kat. He has spent his life imagining the perfect moment for various scoops, including a kiss. Kisses are given so freely these days, but wishing for a moment they would never forget felt sweet.

The more Kat watches her parents' marriage crumble before her eyes, the less patient she has to wait. You could feel her frustration when she was a little drunk and she wanted that kiss right away, before she got awkward.

Elliot's hesitation made him instantly embarrassed.

Kat's reaction was so realistic that she went from flirting and wanting to get closer to thinking about closing the door on the possibility and only seeing the downside of an approach.

This gave Elliot a whiplash, but these conversations can kill relationships, whether you have them or hide them inside for your thoughts to devour.

When Kat heard her father tell his beloved Delilah that he loved her, Kat's fears of love were allayed. Her faith in her parents' example was restored and the burden of lost time would fall on her.

Elliot planned a special moment for his first kiss with Kat, but Kat understood that perfection is not reality. You make your moments with feeling and spontaneity.

Elliot couldn't have planned a better moment than the one Kat created from her emotions. The sun was setting in the distance on a green meadow, Kat was drenched. it was perfection.

Kat does not allow communication between her and Elliot. She left it to Brady and saw the damage the lack of communication and silence was doing to her parents.

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I'm excited to see what that means for ElliKat moving forward.

Everything she learned made Kat a better mother and friend to Alice, who was struggling with the reality of loving one man for life.

If Kat is a commendable time traveler, her daughter will follow in her footsteps.

It's hard to remember the selfish and brutal Alice she was cast as.The way home season 1 episode 1. She's grown up a lot, and his decision to leave Nick was selfless, even though the idea weighed heavily on his heart.

Her selfless act, which coincided with the adult Nick's return to town, was accidental but perfectly timed.

Nick pretended not to realize how much Alice was like his Alice, and didn't tell Kat how much her Alice meant to him. Alice shuddered, but it was a case of misunderstanding that had to exist.

Nick is a grown man. Showing mischief towards Kat's daughter was not going to happen. That didn't mean he had forgotten her or what it meant for him to know her.

When she finally revealed her feelings to Elliot, Kat rushed past, allowing him to end her first love and knowing that the boy she loved had found happiness in loving as a man.

What more could you ask for?

There are so many levels of love, and the Landry women have experienced them all.

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We have two episodes leftThe way home season 1, and at the rate at which the stories progress, it's hard to imagine what a second season will fill.

Something tells me the next two episodes will set this up nicely.

What are your hopes for the last two episodes of the season? Did Kat create the perfect moment with Elliot? What do you think of Del and Byron? Did Alice get as close as possible to a happy ending?

Share your opinion in the comments!

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