The Rattrap Key Questions CBSE Class 12 English - CBSE Sample Papers (2023)

Short answer questions (3 points; 30-40 words)

Question 1. According to the traveling salesman, how was the world one big mousetrap? (Subject 2014)
Why did the peddler think the world was a mousetrap? (All India 2009)
responderThe peddler was a very poor man who made a living by selling mousetraps, which he made himself using the materials he had begged. His mind was therefore always busy with mousetraps. One day he suddenly thought the whole world was one big mousetrap. She felt that the shelter, food, clothing, wealth, and pleasures the world offered were bait to catch people, just as a mousetrap offers cheese or meat to catch mice. Once someone was arrested, it was all over.

Question 2. Why did the traveling salesman delight in his idea of ​​the world as a mousetrap?
(Delhi 2014; modified)
responderThe world was never kind to the poor peddler. Wherever he went, he was greeted with a frown and turned away or kicked out. Therefore, he took pleasure in thinking badly about the world in this way. Also, he might have envied those whose fortunes were better than his own, and was greatly amused at the thought that they, too, would one day be tempted by the lure and caught in Tattrap.

Question 3. Why did the peddler hit the roadside shack? How was he treated by the owner of the house? (Subject 2014)
responderThe peddler called the roadside shack to seek shelter for the night. The owner of the house was a tenant who lived there alone. He found a welcome companion in the peddler and treated him with great hospitality. He not only took him in for the night, but also offered him food and played cards with him.

Question.4. Why did Edla beg her father not to fire the homeless man?
(All India 2014; modified)
Why did Edla keep entertaining the peddler even after learning the truth about him? (NCERT)
responderEdla always thought the peddler was a poor homeless bum. Therefore, she didn't feel betrayed when her true identity was revealed. Instead, she genuinely felt sorry for him and his miserable condition and prayed for him. She and her father had promised him Christmas cheer, and she thought it would be a mistake to send him away.

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Question.5. What conclusion did the blacksmith come to when he learned that the peddler had robbed the tenant? (Subject 2014)
responderIn the church, the blacksmith and his daughter learned that the farmer had been robbed by a peddler who was undoubtedly the one they had received at the manor. The iron master immediately concluded that in his absence the peddler would likely have stolen all his silverware and left.

Question.6. What was the content of the letter the street vendor wrote to Edla? (abroad 2014)
responderThe peddler had written that since Edla treated him like a captain, he wanted to be nice to her in return. She didn't want a thief to embarrass her at Christmas. He demanded that the stolen money be returned to the tenant. In addition, he wrote that the mousetrap was a Christmas present from a mouse who would have been caught in the mousetrap of the world had he not been made captain, motivating him to reform.

Question.7. What was in the package the street vendor left for Edla Willmansson as a Christmas present? (Subject 2014)
responderThe package left by the peddler Edla Willmansson as a Christmas present contained a small mousetrap with three crumpled ten-kroner bills that the peddler had stolen from the farmer. It also included a brief letter to Edla explaining the peddler's behavior.

Question.8. Why did the peddler decline the Iron Master's invitation? (Delhi 2012)
responderThe iron master mistook the peddler for an old regimental comrade and invited him home. The peddler declined the invitation because he was carrying the money he had stolen from the farmer. He knew that if the Iron Master found out his identity, he would hand him over to the police. Therefore, for him, visiting the mansion was like entering the lions' den.

Question.9. Who was the owner of Ramsjö Ironworks? Why did he visit the mills at night?
(All of India 2012)
responderThe owner of the steelworks in Ramsjö was a former soldier and an ambitious and prominent ironworker. He was very particular about the quality of his products and would even visit factories at night to ensure good iron was being delivered from his factories.

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Question 10. How did the iron master react when he saw the stranger lying near the blast furnace?
(All of India 2012)
responderSeeing a stranger in rags lying by the stove, the iron master approached him and took off his wide-brimmed hat so he could see his face better. Because of the dim light in the forge and the peddler's dirty appearance, he mistook him for Nils Olof, an old acquaintance from his regiment. He was happy to see him and invited him home for Christmas.

Question 11. Why didn't the stranger tell the iron master that he wasn't Nils Olof? (All of India 2012)
responderThe stranger didn't tell the iron master that he wasn't Nils Olof because he thought if the knight thought he was an old friend or acquaintance of his then he could take pity on him and help him with some money.

Question.12.Why was the tenant so chatty and friendly with the street vendor? (Delhi 2012)
responderThe former tenant was lonely and led a monotonous existence as he had neither wife nor children. He was glad to have someone to talk to and share his thoughts with, even if he was a drifter. So he greeted the peddler, who was a very patient listener, and offered him his hospitality.

Question 13. Why was the street vendor surprised when he knocked on the door of the house?
(All of India 2011)
responderThe peddler has never been treated kindly by the world. Everywhere he went he was treated coldly. He was pleasantly surprised when the farmer greeted him with warmth and hospitality. He was usually met with "sour faces" whenever he knocked on the door asking for lodging and food, and was usually turned away.

Question 14. Why did the peddler stay in the forest after leaving the renter's hut? As
He feels? (All of India 2011)
responderAfter stealing the farmer's money, the peddler was wary. Avoid public roads to avoid being identified and caught. He entered the forest but eventually realized it was a large and confusing forest. The end of the forest was not in sight and he felt lost. Then he remembered his thoughts that the world was a mousetrap and realized that he really had been the victim of a mousetrap.

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Question.15. What finally caused the peddler to change his behavior? (All of India 2010)
responderThe peddler believed in giving back to the world what he received from it. He was always treated with contempt and hostility and as a result he never did anything good. However, Edla's kind and caring demeanor eventually changed him. She treated him with the love and respect a captain deserves, even after realizing he was a poor bum. The trust Edla placed in him caused her to change her attitude and she chose to live with dignity and respect.

Question 16. Why was Edla happy when she saw the street vendor's gift? (All of India 2010)
responderEdla was very distressed when she heard about the peddler stealing the tenant's money, but the gift he left behind, consisting of a small mousetrap and three crumpled ten-kroner bills, restored her faith. She was glad that her trust in him was justified. His goodness eventually transformed the peddler and brought out his essential goodness.

Question.17. "Edla sat down and hung her head even more dejectedly than usual." what two reasons
Force them to behave like this? (abroad 2010)
responderEdla had been nice to the peddler, even though she knew he wasn't a captain. She was all the more devastated when she learned that the peddler she had been protecting was actually a thief who had recently robbed a farmer. Second, she also felt bad because the peddler had betrayed her trust in him.

Question.18. Why did the peddler discard Captain of Steels? (All India 2009)
responderThe peddler owed his transformation to Edla's kind treatment. Although she knew the truth about him, she honored him and treated him like a captain. She had awakened the dormant kindness in his heart. He wanted to repay Edla's kindness. His signature as Captain von Stahle shows that he wished to retain the dignity and respect shown to him.

Long answer questions (6 points, 120-150 words)

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Question 1. How did the peddler feel after robbing the farmer? Which course did you take?
How did you react to the new situation? What does his reaction reveal? (Delhi 2013)
responderThe tenant treated the peddler hospitably and even trusted the poor tramp. Nevertheless, the peddler stole it and was delighted with his ingenuity. But the fear of being caught haunts him. So he avoided the public road and went into the forest. It was a large and confusing forest, and because of the approaching darkness the peddler got lost. He was tired of always moving in the same place and was desperate. He began to feel that the forest was like a great mousetrap and the thirty crowns he had stolen were like bait to seduce him.
His reaction shows that he felt guilty about stealing the farmer's money. His heart was filled with remorse and self-loathing for his weak deed. However, your thoughts can also be a way to justify your crime.

Number 2. The story of Rattrap is funny and philosophical. Do you agree with this
This statement? Why why not? (abroad 2011)
responderThe story "The Mousetrap" is certainly funny and philosophical. The fast-paced third-person narrative, the author's liberal use of dialogue, and the diverse characters belonging to different mindsets and locations make the story interesting and entertaining. The author managed to keep the suspense up until the very end.
The incidents at the forge with the Iron Master's arrival at midnight draw our attention. The peddler's constant refusal to accompany the Iron Master, but he immediately accepts Edla's invitation, the fact that the Iron Master realizes his mistake, and Edla's kindness and generosity make the story very compelling. While all of the above events make the story interesting, there is also a philosophical element to the story.
Somewhere the peddler theory that the world is a mousetrap is true. You feel trapped like a mouse in the traps of the world. Some people fall into this trap and never get out. History teaches us that as human beings we are not above temptation.

Number 3. The story focuses on human loneliness and the need to relate to others. Explain.
(Delhi 2010)
responderAll. The characters in the story suffer from loneliness and are sad souls. In the first place, the tramp seems to lead a sad and monotonous existence, left to his own reflections. He is always greeted by bitter faces and cold words.
The fate of the former tenant was a little kinder to him. Without a wife or children, he lives alone in a hut on the side of the road and is happy to have visitors.
Then there is the blacksmith and his daughter Edla, who have no company at Christmas. The Iron Master's wife is dead and his children have settled abroad.
He and his daughter are happy to host their friend. Therefore, all have a strong desire for togetherness and camaraderie. The renter is happy to be friends with the peddler, even if it's just for one night. It is the connection with the blacksmith's daughter that transforms the peddler. The love, understanding and dignity he receives from the girl makes him abandon his dishonest ways and redeem himself.

Question.4. Give examples from the story The Rat Trap to show how the Iron Master differs from his daughter. (Delhi 2009)
Compare and contrast the character of the Iron Master with that of his daughter.
(Delhi 2008)
responderThe character of the Iron Master was very different from that of his daughter. He was an ambitious and arrogant man. On seeing the peddler he mistook him for his old regimental comrade and invited him home, but this was more out of pride than sympathy or generosity.
Realizing he had made a mistake, the blacksmith called the peddler dishonest and threatened to call the sheriff. When he found out the peddler was a thief, he became "worried about his cutlery".
On the other hand, Edla, the blacksmith's daughter, was a kind and compassionate lady who was very kind and attentive to the street vendor from the start. She treated him with respect and dignity, even though she knew he wasn't a captain. It was his generous demeanor that finally transformed the peddler and revealed the fundamental goodness of his nature.

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