The Rattrap Extra Small Questions and Answers NCERT Solutions (2023)

These additional short questions and answers are intended to check your reading comprehension and are useful for answering questions from the MC. from The Rat Trap. Download a free PDF.So please read the questions and answers carefully to try your hand at the MC questions. The Rattrap Summary and The Rattrap Reading Comprehension may have helped you understand The Rattrap book. The mousetrap is the next level of understandingthe next 100th article from,the complete NCERT solution for Grade 12 English. Rattrap Extra Short Questions and Answers assess student reading comprehension of The Rattrap.

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Additional short questions and answers from The RattrapNCERT Solutions Class 12 English

Q.1. Who is the author of The Mousetrap?

ResponderSelma Lagerlof is the author of The Mousetrap.

F.2. What was the street vendor selling?

ResponderHe sold little rat traps.

F.3. What did he usually do at unusual times?

ResponderHe used to steal at odd hours.

F.4. What was the peddler's business?

ResponderHe sold mousetraps.

F.5. How did the peddler live his life?

ResponderHe managed his life by stealing and selling rat traps.

F.6. What was the peddler wearing?

ResponderThe peddler was wearing tattered clothes.

F.7. Did he look healthy?

ResponderNo, he was not healthy.

F.8. Who's the bum in the mousetrap?

ResponderThe peddler is a tramp.

F.9. What does "tramp" mean in The Rattrap?

ResponderGypsies, nomads and vagabonds

P.10. What does "The world is a mousetrap" mean?

ResponderIt means that the world deceives everyone.

P.11. "The world was never kind to him." What does this means?

ResponderThe world never cared for the nomad.

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The Rattrap Extra Small Questions and Answers NCERT Solutions (2)

F.12. What was the peddler looking for at night?

ResponderHe sought shelter at night.

P.13. What did the peddler see on the side of the road?

ResponderHe saw an empty hut on the side of the road.

F.14. What was he doing at the cabin door?

Responder. He knocked on the door.

Q.15.Who owned the hut?

ResponderThe old farmer owned the hut.

P.16. Why did the owner of the house welcome the peddler?

ResponderThe owner took the stranger for company.

P.17. What served the stranger at night?

ResponderHe served him dinner and tobacco.

P.18. What did the owner play with the guest?

ResponderThe owner was playing cards and mjolis with the stranger.

P.19. How did the owner behave with the guest?

ResponderHe behaved with courtesy to his guest and greeted him.

P.20. Where did the owner work?

ResponderHe worked at Ramsjo Ironworks.

P.21. How did the owner manage his livelihood?

ResponderHe sold milk to survive.

F.22. How much did he earn from selling the milk?

ResponderHe won 30 crowns.

F.23. What did the stranger do with the leather bag?

ResponderHe took the money and hung up the bag as it was before.

F.24. Where did the farmer put the bag?

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ResponderHe put the bag on the window.

The Rattrap Extra Small Questions and Answers NCERT Solutions (3)

P.25. Who was the farmer?

ResponderThe lessee was a man who worked in the foundry in Ramsjö.

F.26. What did you two do in the morning?

ResponderThe two left the house.

P.27. What did the farmer do at the gate in the morning?

ResponderHe closed the door and went to milk the cow.

F.28. What did the rat smuggler do in the morning?

ResponderHe got up and left.

F.29. What did the peddler do after breaking the window?

ResponderHe took the money after breaking the window.

F.30. How did the street vendor feel after the robbery?

ResponderI was very happy with the money.

F.31. How much money was in your pocket?

ResponderIt was 30 crowns.

F.32. What did the peddler do with the empty bag?

ResponderHe hung up the empty bag.

F.33. Why did he leave the public road?

ResponderHe didn't want to get caught, so he pulled off the highway.

F.34. What path did you choose after the theft?

ResponderHe chose the forest to hide.

F.35. What happened to the peddler in the forest?

ResponderHe got lost in the forest.

F.36. What did you realize when you got lost in the forest?

ResponderHe realized that the world was shaking for him and that he was going to die.

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F.37. What do you think of the jungle?

ResponderThe jungle is like a mousetrap.

F.38. What month was the peddler trapped in the jungle?

ResponderIt was the month of December.

F.39. What was he thinking in the jungle?

ResponderThe jungle is a trap for him.

F.40. What happened to Ramsjo's hardware?

ResponderIt was closed.

F.41. What was in the package for Elda?

ResponderIn the gift box for Elda was a little mouse.

F.42. How did the peddler spend most of Christmas?

ResponderHe spent most of his time sleeping.

F.43. What did the Iron Master's daughter say when the rat dealer left the house?

ResponderHe asked the peddler to stay with them one more night.

F.44. What did the street vendor say in his talk?

ResponderThe peddler said the world is a mousetrap.

F.45. What was the reason for Elda's visit to the forge?

ResponderHe asked the peddler to spend the night with them.

F.46. What is the name of the Iron Master's daughter?

ResponderHer name is Elda.

F.47. What did the Iron Master think of the peddler?

ResponderThe Iron Master considered the pedlar to be his old regimental companion.

F.48. What was the tramp's intention in entering the foundry?

ResponderHe wanted to protect himself from the cold.

F.49. Why was the old man generous to the peddler?

ResponderHe was generous because he wanted someone to talk to.

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P.50. When did the Ironmaster realize his mistake?

ResponderThe ion master realized his mistake when the peddler washed his face.

F.51. How did the farmer treat the peddler?

ResponderHe treated the peddler with love.

F.52. Why didn't the peddler reveal his identity?

ResponderHe did not reveal his identity as he was greedy for money.

F.53. Why did Elda bring the peddler to her house?

ResponderShe thought it was an old friend of her father's.

F.54. The whole story revolves around...

ResponderThe story revolves around the traveling salesman.

F.55. Where was the story set?

a The action of the story takes place in the mines of Sweden.

F.56. Why did Elda ask her father not to throw the stranger out of the house?

ResponderShe was moved by the peddler's poverty.

F.57. Why did the peddler decline the invitation?

ResponderHe declined the offer because he was guilty of stealing the money.

F.58. How did the street vendor's heart change?

ResponderThe peddler was impressed by Elda's positive behavior.

F.59. How was the last street vendor?

ResponderHe was a good man to the end.

P.60. To whom did the peddler last write a letter?

ResponderThe peddler wrote a letter to Elda.

As a result, the responses are very small.Questionsthis will help you understand. NCERT Complete Solution for Grade 12 English Flamingo Chapter 4: The Rat Trap Very short questions and answers from The Rat Trap are useful even for weak students who cannot write long questions and answers. That way they can combine the different questions to form the answers to long questions.

About the author of The Mousetrap: Nobel Prize in Literature 1909

Author: Selma Lagerlof

The winner was the author of The Mousetrap and Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlöf
Nobel Prize in Literature 1909

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