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Chapter 4 English Language and Literature

the Mousetrap

By Selma Lagerlof

The Mousetrap Additional Questions Answers

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Selma Lagerlöfa short biographythe Mousetrap

Selma Lagerlöf (1858-1940) was born in Ostra Emterwik, Vtirmland, Sweden. He grew up on the Marbacka family estate, which he only left in 1881, when he went to a teachers' college in Stockholm. In 1885 she became a teacher at a primary school for girls in Landskrona. She had been writing poetry since she was a child, but she didn't publish anything until the 1890s. Her stories have been translated into many languages. A universal theme runs through it all, the belief that through love one can awaken the inherent goodness in a person.

Theme / main idea of ​​the lesson. Analysis ofthe Mousetrap

Written by Selma Lagerl, The Rat Trap is a story about a disgruntled old peddler and thief who is tricked and lavishly displayed by a young girl. Your kindness changes your bitter outlook on life.

Hethe Mousetrap (2)

Rattrap is a glimpse into human nature. It emphasizes the fact that deep within everyone there is an essential goodness that can be awakened through love and understanding. The story underscores the fact that there is a fundamental goodness in every human being. Sometimes, due to circumstances and situations, a person kills his conscience, but the same man shows a completely different side of his character when he is endowed with love and care.

Hethe Mousetrap (3)

Life is a big mousetrap, if you do something wrong you will fall into the trap. DueHowever, their actions deserve asecond chance to redeem yourself.

Justify the titlethe Mousetrap

Selma Lagerlof gives the story a very appropriate and logical title. The mousetrap metaphor is used very effectively. The whole world is nothing but a big mousetrap. All riches, joys, food and shelter are just bait. The moment someone touches the bait, the trap closes around them. Then everything ends.

Moral/Message of the Lesson –the Mousetrap

In the story, the author Selma Lagerlöf conveys a clear message. The story has universal appeal. The essential goodness in a human being never dies. It can be awakened through understanding and love. Miss Edla awakens basic peddler goodness. In the end, he becomes a noble man.

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Embedded in the rich iron ore mines of Sweden - magical.

About the tramp:sad and monotonous life, her cheeks were sunken, her eyes shining with hunger.

There material of(a) farms (b) begging

Philosophical Thought: TheThe whole world is a mousetrap: it seduces with riches, pleasures, shelter, food, warmth and clothing, just as a mousetrap offers cheese and pork: it attracts mice and then draws closer.

Turning point in life:Nightfall in dark shack and asked for shelter - greeted by reclusive owner - formerly a small farmer at Ramsjo Ironworks - milked cow - gained about 30 corners - hung in leather bag, window frame, offered dinner, tobacco, letters deck Next morning the bum left Crofter's, came back half an hour later, stole money, went out onto the streets. He entered the confused forest of the forest, he felt trapped, exhausted, he heard hammer blows from the Ramsjo iron mill and took refuge, he found the master blacksmith and helpers who did not notice his approach due to the sounds of loud rumble, waterfall, strong wind and rain.

Reaction:he looked indifferently and nodded in haughty approval without a word.

mill owner

PAGpink man-in-the-night-inspection-sierra-vagrant-mistaken for Nils Olof (Captain von Stahle)-persuaded to go to the mansion-vagrant refused the offer-would be like being thrown into the den of lions-vagrant who for The False Identity good is silent and the expected gentlemen throw him some crowns. Owner sent his daughter Edla: persuasive, not pretty, modest, compassionate, Edla realized Vagabond was hiding/running away, Vagabond relented, got a fur coat, offered to spend Christmas Eve with him while riding He had premonitions and regretted it.

Secret revealed on Christmas Eve

Hospitality, bathing, shaving, cleaning new clothes - owner noticed mistaken identity, Tramp confessed - reacted angrily to threat to call the sheriff - reiterated his belief that the whole world was a rat, Edla convinced her father to let him stay, promised him Christmas cheer.

christmas morning

Edla and her father in church: hear about Crofter's house burglary, returns dejected, finds package left by homeless man, confesses mistake, thanks daughter for second chance, returns stolen money + rattrap + letter , behaves like a real captain, signs like a captain.

Short and simple summary of the lesson in English-the Mousetrap/ Summary in simple terms / Critical evaluation of teaching –the Mousetrap

The story is told in the style of a deceased fairy and begins with "Once upon a time there was a poor man who sold wire mousetraps." The income from his cheats was not enough. He begged and stole little things from time to time. It once occurred to him that the world was like a trap full of temptations to trap people. Man is tempted by the allurements of wealth, power like a mouse to cheese in a mousetrap. The man who sold rat traps lived a poor life without enough food or decent housing. He then saw the world in the light of his own suffering. He once took refuge in the house of a man who had been a small farmer at the Ramsjo Iron-Works. The man was without family and alone. He greeted the peddler.

The tenant was kind and generous. He was offered dinner and tobacco. They also played cards, told her about his life, and showed her the thirty crowns that he kept by the window. The seller stole the money and disappeared. At first he was happy with the money, but soon he began to avoid the highway for fear of being found out. He then saw the Ramsjö Ironworks and went there to spend the night near the smithy. At that moment, the ironmonger, owner of the factory, entered. The Iron Master mistook him for his old friend Nils Olof, with whom he had served in the regiment. To help his friend, who thought he was having a hard time, he invited the peddler to his house. The peddler realized that Ironmaster was making a mistake, but he didn't correct it, hoping that he could give him some money.

He did not want to go to the Iron Master's house for fear of being found out. The Iron Master sent his daughter when he failed to convince the peddler. The Ironmaster's kindhearted daughter, Edla Willmansson, was compassionate and loving. She suspected that the man might have committed a crime. But she ignored that, thinking that the terrified man must have lived a miserable life. She wanted to give him at least one night of peace and security. She assured the peddler that he was safe in his house and that he could leave at any time. She convinced him to be his guest on Christmas Eve. Edla's sincere sympathy gave the man a sense of peace and security. She slept as if to make up for the sleepless nights he'd spent his entire life. The next morning, on Christmas Eve, the Iron Master and his daughter discussed how they could help the peddler. The Iron Master planned to help him recover his health and also help him find a calling for himself. The peddler bathed, shaved, and cut his hair. When he introduced himself to his host. The Iron Master realized that he was not his comrade. He threatened to call the sheriff, but Edla intervened. She convinced her father to let him stay and not chase away a human that the Iron Master had promised would be in a good mood. Her daughter gave him the suit to wear and also invited him to the next Christmas, guaranteeing confidentiality and security. The distributor was overloaded. The next morning, he left the mansion. But before leaving he left the package containing the farmer's thirty crowns. She wrote Edla a letter asking her to return the money to the tenant. He wrote that she treated him with respect, as if he were a real captain. She treated him like a man and not like a thief. That sincere appreciation led him to be a better person and to stop stealing. Edla's genuine compassion and kindness transformed a thief's life and made him a better person.

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Summary (2)

This story is about a peddler who sells begged or stolen wire rat traps. He is homeless, homeless, and often has nothing to eat. Life is very difficult for him. One day he came up with the idea that the whole world is a mousetrap and that shelter, food, clothing, comfort and luxury are like bait to lure people into the trap. This idea amused and satisfied him, because he was deprived of all these things.

One winter night, the peddler was wandering around and found a shack on the side of the road. To inquire about the night cameras, he knocked on the door. He was surprised to receive such a warm welcome from the host. They not only gave him shelter, but also food and tobacco. The tenant entertained him with the game of majlis and told him the secret of his earnings of thirty crowns, which he collected from the mille sale.

The next day, as the two of them were leaving the house, the peddler returned and stole the money. He decided to walk through the forest instead of taking a path to avoid getting caught. But when night fell, he got lost in the forest. He was exhausted, hungry and cold. Then he realized that he was probably walking in the same place. At that moment, he remembered the mousetrap and began to feel that the dark forest with its trees, trunks, and branches was like a mousetrap that he got caught in after being lured by the stolen thirty crowns.

Fortunately, the peddler heard the sound of hammers hitting an iron mill. Following the sound, he came to the "Ram" steel mill. He slept near the blast furnace, where the owner of the plant saw him and mistook him for his former regimental mate Nils Olof. He invited him to his house, which he refused. But when the Iron Master's daughter, Edla Willmansson, came and convinced him to come to his house and spend Christmas Eve with them, he agreed.

The peddler was given proper food and comfort at the Iron Master's home. Although Edla wasn't convinced that an army captain could fall into such a sorry state, her father said that after a shower and a change of clothes, he left.

He would come out polished like a captain. But, on the contrary, when the tramp was bathed and shaved, the next pre-mimicry. Iron Master realized his mistake when he realized that the peddler was not his former comrade. At that point, Edla allowed him to stay and spend Christmas with them.

The next morning at church, Edla and her father learned that a homeless man had robbed a small farmer, and they immediately realized it was the same man. They thought that he had taken all the money from him. But when they got home, they found that nothing had been stolen. The bum was already gone. As a Christmas present, he had left Edla a mousetrap, along with a note and thirty crowns. In his note, he had requested that the stolen money be returned to its rightful owner. He told Edla that after being treated with such dignity and having raised his status to captain, he felt he couldn't embarrass her. He signed up as captain of the steels.


MCQ based questions


1. Peddler's mousetraps were made

(a) Holz (b) Aluminum

(c) wire (d) plastic

2. The peddler mousetrap he turned to

(a) steal and beg (b) teach

(c) counseling (d) preaching

3. The tramp compared the whole world to a

(a) Planet (b) Universe

(c) space (d) mousetrap

4. The peddler often thought of people who

(a) caught mice (b) tried to touch the bait

(c) they were thieves (d) they were priests

5. The old man in the gray cabin

(a) greeted the peddler (b) shooed the peddler away

(c) quarreled with the peddler (d) quarreled

6. The old man and the peddler played a game after dinner. the game was

(a) Rummy (b) Formas

(c) snakes and ladders (d) ludo

7. The old man was very generous with his

(a) trust (b) money

(c) food (d) guest

8. The old man told the peddler that he had been a

(a) Leiteiro (b) Crofter

(c) carpenter (d) goldsmith

9. The lessee received a payment of

(a) forty crowns (b) thirty crowns

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(c) twenty-five crowns (d) ten crowns

10. What mistake did the old man make when the peddler was in his house?

(a) asked for her address (b) called the police

(c) showed him where he kept his thirty crowns (d) abused him

11. The peddler went back to the man's house to do this.

(a) steal the thirty crowns (b) thank the old man

(c) take the bag on the left (d) write the old man's address

12. What did the peddler notice when he walked and walked in the forest without reaching the end of the forest?

(a) felt sorry for oneself

(b) he felt very stupid making his decision

(c) realized that he was just walking in the same part of the forest

(d) I had to call home now

13. You felt cheated by a

(a) Witzbold (b) Köder

(c) Crofter (d) Polizista

14. The peddler heard some loud, throbbing noises coming from him.

(a) iron mill (b) thresher

(c) a combine harvester (d) a windmill

15. The peddler entered through the door of the smithy with the intention

(a) order food (b) meet the master blacksmith

(c) Protect yourself from the rain and cold (d) Talk to friends

16. Who came to the steel mill for a round of inspection?

(a) the policeman (b) the iron master

(c) the caretaker (d) the security guard

17. The Iron Master mistook the peddler mousetrap for

(a) an old regimental companion (b) an old servant

(c) a former civil servant (d) an older cousin of his wife

18. The iron master invited the peddler to stay at his house. This made the peddler

(a) jump for joy (b) feel uncomfortable

(c) feel guilty (d) feel worried

19. The Iron Master lived with him in the mansion.

(a) children (b) wife

(c) eldest daughter (d) elderly mother

20. Who finally convinced the peddler to come to the Iron Master's house as a guest for Christmas?

(a) the blacksmith (b) the apprentice

(c) the daughter of the iron master (d) the guard of the hardware store

21. The name of the Ironmaster's daughter was

a) Emily Dickinson b) Edla Willmansson

(c) Sofia Loren (d) Maria

22. The girl first suspected that the peddler was a

(a) smart young man (b) dumb boy

(c) Thief (d) Crazy

23. The purpose of your visit to the steel mill was

(a) persuade the mouse seller to spend Christmas Eve at her house

(b) propose

(c) advise you

(d) advise you to stop stealing

24. What made the peddler go with the girl?

(a) Her beautiful appearance (b) Soft voice

(c) Stern facial expression (d) Friendly attitude

25. The girl brought the following item to warm you up

(a) A blanket (b) A woolen scarf

(c) a sweater (d) a fur coat

26. The mousetrap seller sat in the carriage with the girl and was deep in thought. He felt

(a) guilty of stealing the tenant's money (b) ashamed of having come with the girl

(c) nervous and tense (d) confident

27. The Iron Master's first step was to make sure the guest could

(a) get some meat off your bones (b) do an inspection

(c) get some money (d) get some clothes

28. The second priority for the mouse seller was

(a) let him sleep comfortably (b) take him to a doctor

(c) get him a better job (d) marry him off

29. How did the iron master feel when he saw the mousetrap seller after being well attended by his servant?

(a) Dissatisfied (b) Very satisfied

(c) Suspicious (d) Irritated

30. This was the reason for your dissatisfaction

(a) he looked ugly now (b) he realized he was a thief

(c) he made a mistake in realizing it (d) he hated his appearance

31. The stranger's reaction to the Iron Master was

(a) made no attempt to hide his feelings (b) was angry

(c) completely denied it (d) started screaming

32. Thus Said the Wanderer with the Iron Master

(a) he could just go back (b) he was smarter than them

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(c) he could celebrate Christmas (d) he did not want to marry Edla

33. The mousetrap peddler gave a lecture to the iron master

(a) how the world is a mousetrap (b) how to be honest

(c) how to be ethical (d) how to be professional

34. This was the Iron Master's reaction to the peddler's sermon

(a) yelled at him (b) made fun of him

(c) laughed (d) hit him

35. What did the iron master's daughter say when the peddler was about to leave?

(a) she asked him to stay alone that day

(b) She said she wanted to go with him

(c) she told him not to care what his father said

(d) she asked him to leave after 2 days

36. The daughter wanted the peddler to stay so she could

(a) at least enjoy Christmas with them (b) have a meal with them

(c) play cards with them (d) play poker with them

37. The rat seller spent most of his Christmas Eve

(a) laugh (b) sing

(c) jump (d) sleep

38. How did the iron master and his daughter find out that the peddler was a thief?

(a) in the church (b) in the market

(c) in a play (d) at a friend's house

39. What did Edla's package contain?

(a) a small mousetrap with 30 crowns (b) a small bracelet

(c) a necklace (d) a diamond ring

40. The street vendor left a note with the package. The note was signed as

(a) the peddler (b) the thief

(c) the tramp (d) Captain Von Stahle


1. (c) Hilo

2.(a) Steal and beg

3.(d) trapped

4.(b) tempted to touch the bait

5.(a) greeted the street vendor

6.(b) Apprentices

7.(a) Trust

8.(b) Crofter

9.(b) Thirty Crowns

10(c) showed him where he had kept his thirty crowns

11.(a) Steal the thirty crowns

12.(c) realized that he was just walking in the same part of the forest

13. (b) Isca

14(a) a steel mill

15. (c) Protection against rain and cold

sixteen.(b) the iron master

17. (a) a former regimental companion

18(b) feel uncomfortable

19.(c) eldest daughter

20(c) the Ironmaster's daughter

21. (b) Edla Willmanson

22(c) thief

23. (a) persuade the mousetrap seller to spend Christmas Eve at his house

24. (d) friendly treatment

25(d) a fur coat

26. (a) Guilty of stealing the tenant's money

27. (a) gain some meat on your bones

28(c) get you a better job

29. (a) not satisfied

30(c) erred in perceiving

31. (a) He made no attempt to hide his feelings.

32.(a) could return

33.(a) How the world is a mousetrap

34.(c) a day with them

35. (a) She asked him to stay alone that day

36.(a) at least enjoy Christmas with them

37. (d) Dream

38.(a) in the church

39. (a) A small mousetrap with 30 crowns inside

40(d) Captain Von Stahle

Short answer type questionsthe Mousetrap(30 to 40 words)

Q1 Where did the traveling salesman get the idea that the world is a mousetrap?

resp.The bum was selling mousetraps made from scrap wire. One day it occurred to him that the whole world was nothing more than a big mousetrap. It only existed to attract people. She offered wealth and joy, shelter and food, warmth and clothing, just as the mousetrap offers cheese. As soon as someone was tempted to take the bait, he'd join them and then it was over.

Q2. Why did that idea amused you?

resp.His own life was sad and monotonous. He was a wanderer, lonely and cut off from any family life. The world has treated you harshly. So it gave him joy to think of the world that way. It became a hobby for him to think about people who get caught in the dangerous trap of others who are still around the hook.

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Q3 Was the trap maker expecting the kind of hospitality he received from the lessee?

resp.The peddler was surprised at the hospitality he received at the tenant's house. They ushered him in with a smile and made him feel very welcome instead of the usual sour and hostile faces he has come across. They served him hot porridge for dinner and the lodger shared his pipe with him. They also played a game of form. Thus, the farmer treated the bum well.

Q4 What made the man think he had fallen into a mousetrap?

resp.After stealing the farmer's money, the tramp went into the woods. He wanted to avoid walking down the street. Confused and disoriented by the forest trees and the narrow, winding paths, he realized that he was lost. Tired and cold, he went to bed feeling desperate because the forest had turned into a mousetrap. He felt guilty, as if he had been tricked.

Q5. Why did the Ironmaster speak kindly to him and invite him home?

resp.The Iron Master made a mistake in recognizing the drifter. Due to his miserable appearance and the dim light from him near the oven, he mistook the man for his former regimental companion, Hauptmann von Stahle. So he spoke to him cordially and invited him to his house.

F6. Did the peddler respect the trust that the tenant placed in him?

resp.The peddler betrayed the tenant's trust by breaking the window and removing the thirty chocolates from the leather bag. He had seen the tenant put the money in his pocket and hang it on a nail near the window frame.

Q7 What made the peddler think that he really fell into a mousetrap?

resp.After stealing thirty crowns from the tenant, the peddler realized he couldn't walk on the public road, so he turned off the road and into the woods. It was a large and confusing forest and the paths wound from one side to the other. He for a long time he walked without incident to the end of the forest. He finally realized that he was walking through the same part of the forest. Recalling his thoughts about the world and the mousetrap, he realized that he had been baited and trapped.

Q8 Why did the Iron Master talk nicely to the peddler and invite him home?

resp.The iron master walked up to the peddler and looked closely at him. Due to the unreliable reflection of the blast furnace, he mistook the man for his former regimental mate, Captain von Stahle. He addressed the stranger as Nils Olof and invited him to his house to spend Christmas with him and his daughter.

Q9 Why did the peddler decline the Ironmaster's invitation?

resp.The peddler knew that the iron master had invited his comrade Hauptmann von Stahle. He also knew that he was in danger of being caught after stealing the farmer's money. So he declined the invitation.

Q10. What made the street vendor accept Edla Willmansson's invitation?

resp.Edla's ability to cajole and persuade the peddler to continue led him to accept the invitation. She was compassionate and kind. She told him not to be afraid and assured him that after Christmas dinner she would be free to go. She invited him to join them for Christmas. Her sincerity and kindness convinced the peddler to accept the invitation.

Q11. What doubts did Edla have about the street vendor?

resp.As soon as Edla picked up the peddler's hat, he abruptly jumped up and seemed quite surprised. His friendly looks, his sympathetic and friendly ways failed to calm him down. She noted that it looked like he stole something or escaped from prison.

Q12. When did the Iron Master realize his mistake?

resp.The Iron Master realized his mistake when he encountered the stranger the next morning. The valet bathed him, cut his hair, and shaved it. He was also wearing a suit that belonged to the Iron Master. He wore a white shirt, a starched collar, and long shoes. When the Iron Master saw him in broad daylight, it was impossible to mistake him for an old acquaintance. Ironmaster threatened to turn him in to the sheriff.

Q13. How did the peddler defend himself so as not to reveal his true identity?

resp.The peddler stated that he did not make any claims about his true identity. It wasn't his fault. He all the time he claimed that he was a bad trader. He had asked to be left alone. He was ready to put on his rags again and leave.

F14. Why did Edla keep entertaining the peddler even though she knew the truth about him?

resp.Edla didn't feel right scaring away someone who was invited to her house and promised Christmas cheer. She understood the reality of the peddler's life and she wanted him to spend a day with them. She therefore continued to entertain the peddler even after learning the truth about him.

Q15. Why was Edla happy with the gift from the peddler?

resp.Edla was delighted with the gift from the street vendor. It was a small mousetrap with three crumpled ten-crown notes inside. There was also a letter written in a large, irregular hand. It was the confession of a peddler. She didn't want to embarrass her with her actions at Christmas.

Q16. Why did the peddler sign up as a stable master?

resp.Iron Master invited the peddler to his home, mistaking him for Captain von Stahle. There he was received and cared for even after the reality as captain was known. The peddler was given a chance to redeem himself for his dishonest acts by posing as an honorable captain. He did so by giving Edla a little mouse with three crumpled ten-crown notes and a letter in which she said that she didn't want to be embarrassed by a thief at Christmas and that he was behaving like a real captain..

Q17. “The next day, both men got up on time.” Because? Who are the men and what did they do after getting up?

resp.The two men are the old tenant and the rat seller. The tenant got up early in the morning to milk the cow. His guest also wanted to get up because the landlord was awake. They both left the cabin at the same time. The farmer closed the door and put the key in his pocket. After that, the two said goodbye and went their separate ways.

Q18 How did the peddler feel after robbing the farmer? Why did he stop walking on public roads?

resp.The peddler was pleased with himself after stealing the money. He then realized the danger of being caught by the police if he decided to drive on the highway. So he decided to continue his way through the dense forest to avoid getting caught.

Q19. Why didn't the blacksmith notice that the peddler was entering the forge?

resp.The forge was a noisy place. The great bellows groaned and the embers crackled. The fireman threw coals into the stove noisily. A waterfall runs outside. The strong north wind made the rain beat on the tiled roof. Therefore, the blacksmith did not notice that the peddler entered the forge.

Q20. What are the two plans that the Iron Master revealed to his daughter during breakfast on Christmas Eve? How did the daughter react?

resp.Iron Master first decided that the old regimental mate (the peddler) needed to put some meat on his bones. Then he should choose another profession and not run around the country selling rat traps. The daughter replied that last night there was no indication that he was ever an educated man.

Q21. Why was the tenant so talkative and friendly to the tenant?

resp.The tenant had no wife or children. His circumstances and temperament made him talkative and friendly with the peddler. He was alone, so he was happy to have someone to talk to. This made him generous with his confidences.

Q22. Why did the tenant show the peddler the thirty crowns?

resp.The tenant had told the peddler that he had received thirty crowns as payment for coin-based milk delivery to the dairy. The pedlar makes an incredulous face. To calm the peddler down, the tenant showed him around.

Q23. What was the content of the letter addressed to Mrs. Willmanson?

resp.The peddler didn't want Edla to embarrass herself with a thief at Christmas. Just as she had been nice to him like he was a captain, the first of her would be nice to her like he was a real captain. He asked her to return the thirtyCoronathe old beetle The rat was a gift from a rat that would have been trapped in the rat world if he had not been made captain. In his capacity as captain, he was given the power to purify himself.

Q24. Describe the street vendor?

resp.The peddler was poor and wore tattered, tattered clothes. His cheeks were sunken and hunger shone in his eyes. He was tall, with a long gray beard and a bunch of rat traps hanging from his chest.

Q25. The traveling salesman thinks that the whole world is a mousetrap. This view of life applies only to himself and no one else in the story. Comment. Answer in about 120-150 words.

resp.The peddler does not think well of the world and its people. For him, the world is a big mousetrap in which people get trapped. The luxury of the world is the bait that lures people into its trap. The world was very cruel to him. Therefore, it gives you great pleasure to think badly about it. Ironically, he finds himself trapped as a rat when he steals the gullible Crofter's thirty crowns. He then takes him to Edla's house, where he receives nothing but kindness. True, this bitter worldview is yours and subjective. In fact, the world is not short of genuinely friendly people like Crofter, Edla, and even Ironmaster. They all treat him with love. Edla believes in compassion and Christian values ​​and eventually harnesses the good in him and helps him see the world in a positive light.

26. Who owned Ramsjoironmill? Why did he visit the mill at night?


Who was the owner of the steel mill and what kind of person was he?

resp.The owner of the Ramsjö Iron Mill was a well-known iron master who wanted to trade good iron. He was very diligent and supervised his work day and night.

27. How did the iron master react when he saw the stranger lying near the blast furnace?

resp.When the ironmaster saw the stranger lying near the blast furnace, he took him for his old acquaintance Nils Olof, his regimental mate. He invited him to his house to celebrate Christmas.

28. Why didn't the stranger tell the iron master that he wasn't Nils Olof?

resp.The iron master mistook the peddler for his old acquaintance named Nils Olof. However, the drifter did not tell the Iron Master that he was not Nils Olof because he thought that he could be profitable. He hoped the Iron Master would do him some honors by making him his old friend.

29. Why did the traveling salesman revel in his idea of ​​the world as a mousetrap?

resp.The traveling salesman developed the idea that the world is a mousetrap. He offers food, shelter, clothing, and luxuries just to lure us into the trap like the mousetrap draws its victims through cheese and pork. He liked the idea and he liked it because he lived in a state of extreme poverty and had nothing and he envied those who were in a better position than him.

30. What was the content of the letter that the street vendor wrote to Edla?


What was the content of the street vendor as a Christmas present for Edla?

resp.The street vendor left a package for Edla. The package contained a mousetrap, a Christmas present for Edla. There was a letter and thirty crowns. In his letter, he thanked Edla for her kindness and hospitality and regretted her guilt for having stolen the money from the former tenant and asked her to return it to her rightful owner.

31. What conclusion did the iron master come to when he found out that the peddler had rubbed the farmer?

resp.When the iron master of the church heard that the peddlers had robbed the plowman, he immediately concluded that the peddler was a thief. He feared that he had gotten away with all the money at that time.

32. Why did Edla beg her father not to fire the homeless man?

resp.Edla was a kind-hearted woman. Upon learning the reality of the peddler, she shows her sympathy for him. She knew that he had no home and no family. He was not welcome anywhere in the world. Due to his tender and kind nature, she asked her father not to send the stranger away and to allow him to stay home for Christmas.

33. According to the traveling salesman, what was the world like a big mousetrap?

resp.According to the peddler, the world was a great mousetrap that offered shelter, food, clothing, and other comforts for the sole purpose of trapping us, just as the mousetrap trapped its victims in cheese and pork.

34. Why did the peddler call the roadside hut? How were you treated by the owner of the cabin?

resp.The peddler walked the street all day. He was hungry and cold. He was falling at night and he wanted to take refuge somewhere for the night. Then he called the cabin by the road. The tenant, the owner of the house, treated him kindly, gave him food and shelter, and treated him well.

35. What did Edla notice about the stranger?

resp.Edla noticed that the stranger was very scared. He seemed to be a thief or a prison escapee. He also noticed that the stranger did not seem to be a person trained to be a captain.

36. Why did Edla invite the street vendor to stay with her family?

resp.Edla was instructed by her iron master father to look for the blacksmith peddler, believing it to be her old acquaintance Nils 01-of. So Edla came to the mill to invite him to stay with his family and celebrate Christmas with them.

37. Who was a street vendor? What thought caught your imagination?

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resp.The peddler was a poor bum who made mousetraps for a living. One day, while he was making the mousetrap, it occurred to him that this world is a mousetrap for all people. Food, clothing, luxury and comfort act as lures like cheese and pork.

38. Describe the night the peddler spent with the farmer.

resp.The peddler received warm hospitality at the tenant's house that night. The tenant gave him food and lodging for the night. He offered him tobacco and played majlis with him. He even shared his life experiences and secrets. He even showed her the thirty crowns that he had saved.

39. "The man was as generous with his confidences as he was with his porridge and tobacco." What was the result of this?

resp.The tenant was excessively generous with the peddler. He not only gave her food and shelter, but he shared his trust and showed her the money he had saved. This induced the tramp to steal the money. When they left the house together the next morning, the peddler returned and stole the money.

40. What precautions did the peddler take to avoid detection as a thief?

resp.In order to go unnoticed as a thief, the peddler turned off the country road and took the mute out of the woods. Doña got lost in the woods and after a while she found him walking in the same place. Also, when he was at Ramsjö Ironworks, the iron master invited him to his house. He declined the invitation for fear of being caught.

41. Why was the peddler surprised when he knocked on the cabin door?

resp.The peddler was surprised to knock on the booth door and was warmly received. He was not denied shelter. He too received warmth and hospitality. The tenant gave him food and tobacco. The juice 'mjtilis' with him and showed him the thirty crowns he had won.

42. Why did the peddler have to stay in the forest after leaving the hut? How did he feel?

resp.The peddler had stolen thirty crowns from the little farmer's house. Fear of being caught drove him off the road and onto a forest trail. But he got lost in the woods, and after walking all day, he came back to the same place in the woods. He was dead tired, hungry and cold. He couldn't find his way out of the forest and he felt trapped. At that moment, he felt as if he was trapped in a mousetrap, similar to a prison with no way out.

43. What were the feelings of the peddler when night fell in the forest?

resp.As night fell, the peddler got lost in the woods. He couldn't find his way and found himself moving in the same place. At that time he was extremely exhausted, hungry and cold. At that moment, he realized that he was trapped in a mousetrap with no escape route.

44. Why didn't the blacksmith at Ramsjö Ironworks pay attention to the peddler?

resp.Ram's blacksmith *, Hardware did not listen to the peddler because it was routine for him. Many homeless people, attracted by the light, went there to warm themselves in the oven.

45. Who did the iron master think the peddler was? Why didn't he reveal his identity? How did your true identity come to light?

resp.The iron master mistook the peddler for his old acquaintance Nils Olof, who was his regimental mate. The homeless man did not reveal his identity for fear of being caught. Besides, he thought that he could get some money from Iron Master as his old acquaintance. When Ironmaster and his daughter went to church for Christmas service, they found out that a homeless man had stolen the farmer. They feared that he was none other than the peddler.

46. ​​How did the iron master react to the poor state of the peddler? What light does this shed on the character of the Iron Master?

resp.When the iron master saw the peddler in such a bad shape, he immediately asked him to come to his house. He mistook him for his former regiment mate Nils 01. He wanted to help him in his miserable situation. This shows that he was compassionate, hospitable and trusting.

47. What were the peddler's feelings when he drove to the Iron Master's house?

resp.The peddler had a feeling while driving to the Iron Master's house. He regretted stealing Crofter's money and felt that he was caught and would be exposed as a thief.

48. How did Edla Willmansson judge the street vendor? What reason did your father give for the peddler's rudeness?

resp.Edla Willmansson had her doubts about the street vendor. She realized that the peddler was very scared. She guessed that he was a thief or a fugitive. She wondered how her father's regimental mate couldn't hold anything against him to show that he had once been an educated man. But her father said that circumstances and his ordeal made him so. He believed that, once well treated, bathed and shaved, he would regain his original personality.

49. What was the peddler's explanation to the Ironmaster for hiding his true identity? How did he manage to convince the Iron Master not to submit the law to settle the matter?


How did the peddler defend himself so as not to reveal his true identity?

resp.The peddler said that he never pretended to be anyone other than a bum. Also, he refused to go to the Ironmaster's house and wanted to stay in the forge. When Ironmaster threatened to call the sheriff, the drifter used his mousetrap theory. He said that if the Iron Master treated him like this, he too would suffer a similar fate.

50. What was the feeling that led Edla Willmansson to keep the peddler in her house despite knowing who he really was?

resp.Edla was a kind woman. She could see how difficult life must be for the homeless and familyless drifter. It was Christmas and she did not want to miss the opportunity to celebrate the Christmas spirit, which is to be kind and charitable. So she thought of keeping the peddler at home to give him some comfort and joy on Christmas day.

51. What did the homeless man say in the letter he left Edla? Why did he sign up as a Steel Captain?

answer.In the letter to Edla, the homeless man had expressed his gratitude for treating him with dignity and respect. His love and respect for him brought out the good in him and prevented him from falling into the trap of the world. He asked her to return the money to the rightful owner of it. He signed the letter Captain von Stahle, as Edla had elevated him to the rank of captain and restored his dignity.

52. Who was a keen observer: the iron master or his daughter? Justify your answer with an example from the text.

resp.It was Edla Willmansson, the Ironmaster's daughter, who was more observant than he. Iron Master had mistaken the drifter for his former regiment mate, but Edla had doubts of her from the start. She could see the fear in her eyes.

53. The tenant can be described as a "good host." Because?

resp.The tenant has all the qualities of a good host. He warmly greets the tramp. Offer him hot food, give him tobacco to smoke and playwet with him He speaks to him in a friendly way and tells of his prosperity. She even trusts him and shows the money from him.

Long/Detailed Question Type Answers: Each requires 100-150 words to answer Values-Based Questions: The Rat Trap

Q1 The Rattrap is a story in which a good deed or act of kindness changes a person's world view. Discussion related to the topic.

resp."The Mousetrap" is a funny and philosophical story that reveals the theme of the human tendency to break free from dishonest ways. The Tramp demonstrates the idea that basic goodness in man can be awakened through understanding and love. Circumstances forced the peddler to commit petty crimes. Although he sold junk rat traps, his poverty had brought out the worst in him, leaving him bitter and destroying his conscience.

The vagabond's world view was cynical: he envied those who were better off than he was. He believed that the world was like a mousetrap, offering incentives such as shelter and food to its trapped victims. The peddler did not hesitate to steal money from the tenant, although he enjoyed his hospitality and warm welcome. Guilt feelings assailed him when he got lost in the woods. His bitter and hard temper had a chance to repent when he met the Iron Master and his daughter.

The author uses an effective plot twist to show that innate goodness exists in all human beings. It takes a little love, understanding, and an act of friendship to bring it out. The Iron Master's daughter showed him sympathy, honor, and respect, and gave him a sense of dignity. This touched the heart of the peddler, who immediately felt that he was no longer the nameless wanderer that he had been all his life, but someone with an identity. He redeemed himself by returning the stolen money, feeling motivated by Edla's kindness.

Q2. How did the author of "The Mousetrap" develop the theme of the story?

resp.The author Selma Lagerlof did a wonderful job on the Rat Trap theme, using the mousetrap as a metaphor to develop the theme. Most people find it difficult to resist the lure of possessions or material advantages, and they knowingly fall for it. The world is a mousetrap in which people constantly fall prey to various baits that are kept for them.

However, the author conveyed the idea that all human beings possess an essential goodness that can be explored through love, compassion, and understanding.

An individual can redeem himself from dishonest ways if he makes an effort.

The rat trap salesman calls the world a great rat trap. Material advantages, such as wealth and happiness, housing and food, warmth and clothing, are temptations that tempt a person to fall into a trap. Once a person accepts the bait, they are trapped forever. The peddler is tempted to steal the farmer's money. He is too afraid to exercise outdoors, so he moves through the woods. Later, it is Edla's and her father's kind, compassionate, and generous treatment that helps him transform and free himself from guilt and better himself. The mouse becomes a symbol of worldly temptations and the peddler symbolizes man's efforts to escape from them.

P3 The traveling salesman believed that the whole world was a mousetrap. How did he get into it? Answer in about 120-150 words.

resp.TThe sad and poor life of the peddler makes him bitter. One day, while thinking about his rat traps, he suddenly realized that the whole world is just one big rat trap. It only serves as bait for humans. The world offers riches, joys, shelter, food and clothing. They are just bait. As soon as someone touches the bait, the trap closes around them. Then everything ends.

Ironically, the peddler becomes the mouse himself. The peddler can't resist stealing the 30-crown bait from the hospitable peasant. Once again, the mousetrap metaphor comes to mind when the Iron Master invites you to his mansion. The dealer doesn't want to go there. It means voluntarily throwing oneself into the lions' den. He gives up when he is persuaded by Miss Willmansson to go there.

Finally, the peddler feels free of the trap. This is due to the deep compassion, kindness, love and understanding that Mrs. Willmansson has for him. He rises above the little temptations. He would have fallen into the trap of the world if he had not been appointed captain. This gave him strength to get out of this trap.

4. How did the peddler feel after robbing the farmer? What course did he take and how did he react to the new situation? What does his reaction reveal?

resp.After robbing the farm, the peddler felt guilty and, as a criminal, lived in fear of being caught by the police. To escape, he decided to go through the forest instead of the public road. At first he was pleased with his cunning, but at the end of the day he got lost in the forest. He realized that he had walked through the same part of the forest. At this point, he remembered his thoughts about the world and the mousetrap and realized that he had been tricked by the bait. He felt trapped and tried very hard to get out, but couldn't. He felt completely exhausted and believed that he would die of starvation and extreme cold in the forest. This shows that he has realized his mistake in stealing Crofter's money.

5. How does the peddler react to the tenant's hospitality?

resp.The shopkeeper extended warm hospitality to the peddler. They gave him food, shelter, tobacco, and even good company for recreation. The tenant treated him kindly and was very nice to him. He shared his survival story and even showed off the money he had saved. But the tramp did not appreciate his kindness. The next morning, after saying goodbye to the tenant, the peddler returned to his house and stole the thirty crowns from the bag he was hanging from the window frame, breaking it. He reacted very negatively to the tenant's hospitality and betrayed the trust the tenant had placed in him.

6. After leaving the little farmer's hut, how did the mousetrap salesman know that he himself had been caught in a mousetrap?

resp.After the peddler stole the farmer's money, he left with the money in his pocket. He was very pleased with his intelligence. He then decided to continue on the public road and went into the forest to avoid being caught by the police. But after someFor hours he got confused in the woods and got lost. After walking all day, she realized that she had walked through the same part of the forest. He now remembered his thoughts about the world and the mousetrap and realized that it was his turn to be caught in the trap. He felt that the entire forest was an impenetrable prison from which he could never escape.

7. The peddler declined the Iron Master's invitation, but accepted Edla's. Because?


Why did the Ironmaster invite the peddler to his house? Why did the latter refuse?

resp.When the iron master from Ramsjö Iron Mill was at the mill on his nightly visit, he saw the peddler sleeping near the blast furnace. He mistook him for his former regiment mate Nils Olof. He found his old friend in a miserable state and immediately invited her to his house. But the tramp did not like the idea. He was scared. Going to the Ironmaster's house, he thought, would be like voluntarily throwing himself into the lions' den. So he firmly declined Ironman's stubborn invitation.

8. The story The Rat Trap explores the idea that, when properly motivated, humans have an innate tendency to redeem themselves from their dishonest ways. to discuss

resp.The story "The Mousetrap" is about the traveling salesman, a homeless man who sold wire mousetraps or begged or stole. He had been badly mistreated by the world and had never experienced any kind of kindness. Even when the tenant offered him hospitality and trusted him, he couldn't see the value in it. He betrayed his trust and stole the farmer's money. But the peddler's inner goodness is evoked by Edla Willmansson's warm, gentle and kind treatment of him. Although she Edla knew the reality, she treated him with respect and kindness without selfish motives. She was sensitive and wanted to give him some comfort. As a result, the tramp became a sensitive person, and the good in him became dominant.

9. The story "The Mousetrap" illustrates the idea that people's emotional needs have a direct impact on their behavior. Light.

answer.Undoubtedly, it is the emotional needs of people that directly affect their behavior. In fact, our emotions determine our actions and behavior. In the story, all the characters represent the same thing, the peddler's behavior is due to the atrocities he faced in his life. They treat him badly. Hunger and cold, without food or shelter, made him very weak and emotionally negative. When the homeless man saw the farmer's money, he stole it. Similarly, the tenant, alone, without a wife and children, took in the peddler and became too friendly with him, and was consequently deceived. The iron master also lived a lonely life. His wife is dead and his children are abroad. He has no family other than his daughter or his friends. Consequently, he invited the peddler to his house, mistaking Hull for his old friend. After all, Edla's emotional need is to serve someone at Christmas and make them happy. Her kindness and empathy led her to treat the homeless man with respect and kindness, which accentuated the peddler's kindness.


Q1 The Rattrap is a story that shows that basic human kindness can be achieved through understanding and love. Comment.

resp.The Rattrap is the story of a disillusioned old peddler and thief who is generously taken in and shown off by a young woman named Edla. The peddler was a poor man who sometimes begged and stole small things. Edla's compassion gave the peddler a sense of peace and security. This led him to become a better person and give up petty theft. The author shows how the essential goodness of man never dies. He can be awakened through understanding and love. Edla awakened the basic goodness in her and the pedlar returned the stolen thirty crowns.

Q2. The world is nothing more than a mundane bait trap. Discuss the core values ​​a person needs to overcome the temptations of life.

resp.The Rattrap is the story of a traveling salesman who was also a petty thief. He sold rat traps and believed that the world was like a rat trap, offering incentives such as food and shelter for the trapped victims. He did not hesitate to steal the tenant's money, although he did enjoy his hospitality.

We all have a hard time resisting the temptation of material possessions and falling into the trap. Human beings, however, have a basic goodness that can be awakened through love, compassion, and respect. An individual can redeem himself from dishonest ways if he makes an effort.

3. The peddler's authority appeals to society at large, insisting on a different view of those maligned individuals who can be redeemed through compassion and understanding. Rehabilitation programs in prisons follow the same value. Given the example above, how do you think society can help people, especially juvenile delinquents, to avoid falling victim to petty crimes and bad habits?

resp.Human behavior is directly related to emotional needs. In fact, no one is a born criminal. It is the circumstances and the situation that force a child to commit a crime. In essence, juvenile delinquents are victims of emotional shipwreck. They are the ones being ignored or taken advantage of. Society must play a key role in preventing the growing involvement of young people in crime. If these children are treated with compassion and love, they can be saved. Society needs to develop an understanding of human nature that just failing to meet a person's emotional needs will cause them to be drawn into bad habits or crimes. We need to be empathetic and show our concern for those around us with a compassionate attitude towards those who have strayed from the right path. With positivity and love, people, especially juvenile delinquents, can save themselves from becoming victims of petty crimes and bad habits.

4. The story "Rattrap" describes the effect of the small farmer and Edla Willmanssoo's generosity and kindness on the peddler. There are so many underprivileged people in our society who could benefit from the little gifts people can give. Gifts can be anything from money to time to help provide education, etc. Write a 100-150 word article about the need to help empower the disadvantaged in society.

for time to enter

We all belong to a rapidly developing society. Technological advances have made our lives easier and more comfortable. But all these facilities are only for those who can afford it. There are a number of people who do not even have access to the basic comforts of life. They lack education, clean water, proper clothing, and even twice-daily meals.

(Video) Sean Lock's OUTRAGEOUS Comment Has Everyone In Tears!! | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

The government makes many plans for these poor people, but it does so in a very small proportion. They say that a small step finally leads to the goal. Therefore, it is the duty of every privileged member of society to contribute to the elevation of this oppressed people. A little help can improve your future. We can help someone study, get medicine for someone, donate our used clothes and books to homeless people living on the streets. These small gestures of kindness are sure to put a smile on their faces. At the same time, we give them moral support. Therefore, to change society, we must first change ourselves.



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