Summary: What happened in Shadow and Bone Season 2? (Episodes 1-8) (2023)

We're recaping the second season of the Netflix series Shadow and Bone (episodes 1-8), containing spoilers while detailing what happened.

After a two year breakshadow and bonereturns for a long-awaited second season. The fantasy epic tells the story of good versus evil in a magical kingdom. Sun summoner Alina Starkov battles her enemy, the Darkling Aleksander Kirigan, and his dark world known as the Fold. She must defeat Kirigan and the Crease before evil destroys everything she loves in this dangerous world. The second season is filled with love, loss and great adventures. Here's a recap of everything that happened in each episode ofshadow and boneseason 2:

Episode 1 - "I Have No Refuge But Myself"

Alina and Mal travel to Novyi Zem to find the next amplifier known as the Sea Whip. You will soon be chased through the city; Alina has a high bounty on her head and Mal is wanted as a deserter. The Crows return to Ketterdam to find that Pekka Rollins has taken over the Crows Club and they are all now wanted for murder. The leader of the Ravens, Kaz, and his friend Jesper are arrested for these crimes and sent to Hellgate Prison. Along the way, they are stopped and questioned by Sturmhond, who demands to know Alina's whereabouts. They hand him over in exchange for his freedom. Kaz recruits two new team members, Wylan and Nina. Meanwhile, Alina and Mal escape their captors and hop on a ship owned by the pirate Sturmhond.

Episode 2 – "Rusalye"

Alina and Mal negotiate new terms with their kidnapper, Sturmhond. If you help them find the Sea Whip (Rusalye), you will be financially rewarded. Sturmhond introduces her to his crew and soon they spot the Sea Whip on an island. Alina kills the creature and merges with it, making its powers her own. Kirigan regroups with his new army, but is plagued by dark monsters slumbering within him, escaping his body in unpredictable ways. He asks Genya for help, but she is afraid of these creatures. Kirigan finds her mother Baghra and the journal of Morozova. The Crows plan a heist and steal Pekka's financial records to gain a much-needed advantage over their enemy. However, on this mission, Inej is badly injured. All Ravens hide and run away from Pekka.

Episode 3 - "I Liked It, I Liked It"

Stormhond brings Alina into the fold with his flying ship, the hummingbird. Once inside, Alina uses her newfound powers to destroy the crease, but she collapses before finishing the job. The aircraft then lands on the other side of the Abyss. The soldiers quickly stop the team, but soon realize who Sturmhond is. He used an alias all the time; he is actually Nicholas the Prince. Nikolai takes her to his sanctuary, the Turning Wheel. Mal suggests looking for the Firebird next. Nikolai proposes a compromise to Alina in order to protect her and form new alliances. Kaz has Pekka's financial records and sends Jesper and Wylan on one of his shady deals. They discover that Pekka has a son named Alby. Kaz wants to use Alby as leverage.

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Episode 4 - "All Things Are Monstrous"

Nikolai announces his engagement to Alina in front of all his family and friends. Nikolai's mother decides to throw an engagement party to celebrate. Nikolai's brother Vasily sees Alina and Mal kissing. David escapes from Kirigan and warns Alina about Kirigan's shadow monsters. They decide to find a sword called Neshyenyer that can defeat these monsters. Kaz orchestrates a plan with the Crows to bring down Pekka. He uses Pekka's son as bait. Pekka has to sign a letter proving the Crows' innocence. Pekka is then arrested for murder and sent to Hellgate Prison. During the engagement party, shadow monsters attack Vasily and kill him. Kirigan and her monsters attack Alina, but she manages to escape.

Episode 5 – "Yuyeh Sesh (Despicate Your Heart)"

Baghra and Genya escape Kirigan and search for Alina, who is hiding in the tunnels with Nikolai's people. Many are dead or injured after the Kirigan attack. Baghra helps Alina take on Kirigan, but Mal's return ruins her chances when she interrupts an important vision. They decide to find the firebird next. Baghra suggests looking at Morozova's workshop first. Nikolai's messengers (Tolya and Zoya) offer the crows a new mission; You must find the Neshyenyer Sword and return it to Nikolai for a great reward. Kaz quickly tracks the item's location. They go to Bhez Ju to meet with possible owner Ohval. At Ohval's house, they are captured and knocked unconscious with poison gas.

Episode 6 – "Ni Weh Sesh (I Have No Heart)"

Baghra, Alina and Mal make their way to Morozova's workshop. Baghra explains that she is Morozova's daughter. Baghra reveals that Mal is the firebird they are looking for. Baghra attacks Kirigan but is killed by her son's shadow monsters. Alina and Mal flee. In Bhez Ju, the poison causes the Ravens to hallucinate, but Wylan manages to free them. The Ravens are attacked by the sword's owner, Ohval, but he ends up delivering the Neshyenyer to Jesper. Sometimes Alina tells the truth; he is the firebird. Kirigan discovers that Mal is also the Firebird.

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Episode 7 - "See you in the meadow"

Mal wants to sacrifice her life to help Alina destroy the crease, but she refuses to give up so easily. Instead, they make other plans and send one team to fight Kirigan as a distraction while the other team folds. Kirigan uses Baghra's bone magic to bolster his own army. They are waiting for Nikolai and his team to ambush them in their flying machine. Nikolai's army retreats but is attacked at a nearby fortress. Alina and Mal go into the fold together but are attacked by monsters. The Ravens arrive to save the day and assist in both separate battles. Inej uses the Neshyenyer Sword to fight off the shadow monsters and save Alina while the other Ravens help Nikolai. Kirigan's army is defeated. Kirigan fights inside the fold, Mal is mortally wounded.

Episode 8 – "No Funerals"

Nikolai's team and the Crows head to the Fold to help Alina defeat Kirigan and destroy the Fold. Meanwhile, Mal dies within the fold. He asks to sacrifice his life. Alina stabs Mal in the chest and her lover is killed. She screams in pain and releases a massive burst of energy. That alone destroys the entire fold. However, the Shadow Monsters and Kirigan are still alive. Alina stabs Kirigan with the Neshyenyer sword, killing him. Alina then resurrects Mal with dark magic. They all burn Kirigan's body.

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Mal feels different after the resurrection and breaks up with Alina. He goes as a privateer on Nikolai's flying ship. Nikolai passes his alias Sturmhond to Mal. Inej breaks up with Kaz and also joins Mal's team. Kaz takes over the Crows Club. Alina and Nikolai are preparing to move. However, Nikolai has the shadow monster in him. During the ceremony, a woman attacks guests with a new drug called Jurda Parem. The guests collapse. Alina fights back and kills the intruder. She smiles, empowered by her new skills. The Ravens are supposed to solve this drug problem.

This is the full synopsis of the events of Season 2 of the Netflix series Shadow and Bone (Episodes 1-8). What do you think of the story? Please comment below.


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