Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (2023)

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Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (1)

To many outsiders who remember the Cody Jinks phenomenon, where the Fort Worth country singer-songwriter has now minted platinum and gold singles with no airplay on mainstream radio, let alone amassed a massive following, some of whom are growing up as "Flockers", living and breathing all things Cody; you may be wondering how it all happened.

Initially, Cody Jinks had local support from Fort Worth radio station 95.9 The Ranch, but that's about it. It was an intense tour and a deep connection with his fans through Cody's own songs that ensured such a strong and loyal following. Even blogs like Saving Country Music were late when it came to the Cody Jinks phenomenon.

If there was one song that encapsulated Cody Jinks' deep connection to his fans, it wouldn't be the platinum-selling "Loud and Heavy" or its gold-plated sister-in-law, "Hippies & Cowboys." Certainly these songs helped boost Cody's popularity. But it's the song "Somewhere in the Middle" that speaks of the loyalty he has from his fans. This is the song that perfectly sums up why Cody Jinks resonates so well with certain listeners.

Originally from their 2010 albumless wise, "Somewhere in the Middle" doubles down on the working-class mentality with which so many Cody fans identify. Where much of today's "country" music seems to offer an unrealistic escape from average life, or seems to curry favor with country folk with so much fawning that it borders on the ridiculous, Cody Jinks offers the perspective that there's nothing wrong with just be normal. be, or “in the middle” and work hard for what you have. You shouldn't expect less, but don't follow life because there is nothing wrong with what you have or what you are.

In early December, Cody Jinks released audio of the sold-out concert he played at Colorado's legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater on July 13, 2019.Roter Rock live(read review), as well as streaming the entire performance in a single online event. Jinks just released a video of his performance of "Somewhere in the Middle" at the Red Rocks concert, and with footage of the crowd chanting, punching and high-fiving each other with Jinks' mother and family singing backstage, it really underscores why this song and Cody Jinks connect so deeply with so many.

When Cody Jinks takes the stage, he's not some country superstar entertaining fans in an audience, he's one who's struggled for years, playing pinball between jobs, while poor as many of his fans who loved him. he was accidentally foisted on a position of popularity through hard work and fate. Seeing him perform "Somewhere in the Middle" in front of a huge crowd of loyal fans helps put it into perspective.

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  1. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (2) ancient land
    December 29, 2020@12h03

    I've been to several Jinks shows. It's just a different experience.

    Everyone should do the same one day.



    • Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (3) Cooter
      1 January 2021at 10:29

      Do you have a mohawk now?


  2. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (4) KPAP
    December 29, 2020@12h07

    Agree 100%. He doesn't really put out junk material, but "Somewhere In The Middle" and "Last Call For The Blues" are at the pinnacle of everything he's done for me.



    • Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (5) Hank Thrilliams
      1 January 2021@10:28 a. m.

      Fuck the "star flag". THIS is a true American anthem


      (Video) Cody Jinks | "Somewhere In The Middle" | Red Rocks Live


  3. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (6) hank charles
    December 29, 2020@13:07

    I've only seen Jinks once, but I could tell a similar story.

    Between a pause in the music, a spectator walked to the front of the stage with his arm outstretched. Realizing the man was trying to give him something, Jinks reached down to take it and came out with a set of dog tags.

    I wasn't close enough to hear the brief conversation that followed, but Jinks was visibly emotional after the exchange, and the crowd filled the silence with a loud chant of "U-S-A" as he rallied.

    While I know this isn't an entirely unique moment, it's a testament to the connection between audience and performer that many great musical performances are missing these days.



  4. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (7) Franco
    December 29, 2020@13:19

    My favorite Jinks song for the reasons you mention. I saw it 4 times. Once as a VIP meet and greet. I don't like celebrities, he's just a man, but he seemed like a nice guy and easy to kick ass on a Friday. His shows are the only ones I'm looking forward to post-Covid.



  5. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (8) daniel
    December 29, 2020@14h05

    a great artist with a sound that is still hard for me to define; a good mix of country, rock and folk that attracts the public in a special way.



  6. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (9) JB-Chicago
    December 29, 2020@14:37

    The show that played here in February was my fifth time and it was an amazing experience for the crowd to sing along. He played the old and the new and the crowd went wild! The best show I've seen from him. Little did he know that tonight would be the last show of the year. I'm saving the whole video for one night when I'm stuck here with nothing to do. I pour myself a few drinks, settle in, and enjoy Red Rocks in all its glory right here in the village.



    • Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (10) Desire
      December 29, 2020@18:39

      Was it the Rialto with Alex Williams?
      We ended up at a small neighborhood bar a few blocks from the theater after the show. Cody stopped by later and had a few beers there. Good times!



      • Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (11) JB-Chicago
        December 29, 2020at 21:02

        Ahhh shit we parked at the casino and walked around because it was 60 degrees outside, a lot of us were there before and after the show…. if we knew... I don't really know this area very well for other bars etc. Good for you!



        (Video) Cody Jinks - Somewhere In The Middle

  7. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (12) cameron
    December 29, 2020at 16:01

    Somewhere In The Middle is an almost perfect country song. It should be considered as the standard.



    • Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (13) Fantastic
      December 30, 2020@17h25

      I've been thinking of doing one of those music analysis videos on the subject. It's definitely a perfect country song.


  8. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (14) jason bray
    December 29, 2020@16:49

    One of my best Jinks songs. As others have said, if you get the chance, go see it. I go to many shows of different artists. Cody is the only one who will walk before continuing without a large group of security stopping people. He's the only one I've ever seen that if you go on stage and stand there, walk past in the middle of a performance and have your picture taken on stage. The crowd energy of him is like no other. story. He is one of the greatest that can never be recognized as he should. Jinks 2024?



  9. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (15) Miguel Garcia
    December 29, 2020@16:58

    When I first heard it, we had to drive our 4x4s over the muddy road from Thomas Lake in Cass County to Frostland, where it was playing. One of my favorite memories. I bought a T-shirt and he autographed it for us. Her sister has a salon on our street. My son is dating one of his relatives. I love your music. This is one of my favorite songs. Follow Cody...



  10. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (16) CM
    December 29, 2020@17:17

    Also my favorite Cody Jinks song. It is interesting that he grew up in the metropolitan suburb of Fort Worth. What makes him and this song such a great songwriter is that his music speaks to the struggles and joys of life that are common to those who work hard to make it in the city, the suburbs or the country.


  11. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (17) Kirby
    December 29, 2020@17:22

    Show them Chicago with Sunny Sweeney.
    A young fan pulled out a copy of Catcher in the Rye and handed it to him during Vampires and walked off stage to a bookmark and took the bookmark and took the book and signed it halfway through the song.
    Connect with people, be authentic with them, and they will be loyal forever.
    The first time I heard or saw him was in Milwaukee playing white. Whitey opened that night and Cody stood outside the venue smoking cigarettes and hanging out with people almost until he had to go on stage.
    Great guy who understands. This song is always a reference when someone asks me about it.



  12. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (18) horny
    December 29, 2020@17:33

    I was outside mowing the lawn and pushing a lawn mower when I first heard this song. It was the first time I heard Jinks, I immediately stopped mowing in the middle of the song and thought "Who is that?". I have been a diehard fan for about 4 years. It also leads to more great music from Ward, Whitey and Morningstar etc etc.



  13. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (19) B
    December 29, 2020@18h01

    I first saw Cody 4 a few years ago when I opened 4 Whitey Morgan. He didn't know anything about either of them, but he was surprised by both of them. What a great show! I told my girlfriend that if the headliner is as good as the opening one, it would be a great show. To my surprise, Little went out for a smoke and ended up talking to Cody. Everything from Metal 2 Country and Madness which inspires them both. As we shook hands and said goodbye, I said, "I hope to see you again soon." His response was, "As long as I can afford it, we (Tone Deaf Hippies) will be back." Since then I have seen it 5 times.


    (Video) Somewhere in the Middle


  14. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (20) REVIVES SPIRIT
    December 29, 2020@18h02

    I was supposed to see him for the first time in Massachusetts at the end of March, so you know... COVID...

    Here's to better days when we can all see live music and people like Cody Jinks can go out and play music... we'll be in a better place.

    Thanks Trig for continuing to produce content for us during this time. I know everything makes my day better when I come here.

    Running off the road, looking for a place to fall….



  15. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (21) grain thrower
    December 29, 2020@18:19

    There are men and women like Cody all over the country. That's why it connects.



  16. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (22) gregor m
    December 29, 2020@23:30

    Cody Jinks restored my faith in country music. When the whole country brother thing was going on, I got really sick and then I heard Cody Jinks at a Giants baseball game and I've considered him my favorite artist ever since. I don't go to many shows, but I would love to see Cody live when he comes to California. I really want him to release a DVD of that night because I would buy it. I watched this performance and noted the images of the crowd and how involved everyone was. It was almost like watching musical nirvana.

    I think what I will always be grateful to Cody for is not just his great music, but he introduced me to so many other artists and made me realize that the country is alive and well. I heard the new Ward Davis album for the first time today and I loved it. I hope the radio continues to ignore Cody because I feel like he is "ours" and being on the radio would be like selling out.



  17. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (23) johannes wolford
    December 30, 2020@5:28 a. m.

    Cody Jinks is a very nice guy. I met him when he opened twice for Whitey Morgan in Richmond, VA. I don't envy his success... he wishes Whitey was on a tour bus, he deserves it.


  18. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (24) DJ
    December 30, 2020@6:36 a. m.

    I've never seen it live and probably wouldn't if given the chance. I don't like crowds but this song introduced me to it - my eldest son said her wife said when she heard it that the song reminded her of me 🙂

    I saw him live a few times and had a great time and my son was able to hang out with him and have a pint at the Do-se-Do bar in the Woodlands almost 3 weeks before it blew up across the country, he I told my son, he's spent almost 20 years creating small places - reminds me of Willie, who once said it took 20 years to become an overnight sensation.

    And I Cast No Stones became an all-time favorite and will probably (in my opinion) be one of the all-time greats, and William and Wanda are amazing.



  19. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (25) Joe Northrop
    December 30, 2020@9h48

    (Video) Set 1 - 05 Cody Jinks - Somewhere in the Middle

    I've been to many shows in my life...everything from symphonic to rock and country icons. But I've never experienced anything quite like a Cody Jinks show. It's a feel-good phenomenon like no other. Sonically brilliant, highly energetic (if you've seen it live, or even streamed the Red Rocks concert in its entirety, you'll know this), and deeply moving. In many of his songs, Cody shows us how we can become better versions of ourselves by realizing what's important in life. Somewhere in the middle he places character above wealth and traditional measures of success. At Give All You Can, helping each other is the reason we exist. In so many other songs, Cody shows us his unique ability to express his values ​​in a way that he inspires without a hint of recitation, like these lines from "Cast No Stones":
    "And I like to give up
    At the end of the day
    And I pray that I don't hurt anyone
    Someone new has found his way"
    Of course we love him... he is the most appreciative and kind artist you will ever see. He has the best baritone in music today, the best band one could ask for (especially his lead guitarist Chris Claridy) and a message of simple truth that resonates. If you've seen it, you know it. If not yet, make it possible. You will never forget the experience.



  20. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (26) Andrew Esq
    December 30, 2020@9h56

    The general positivity among country fans in this comment section is no small feat either.

    Between world-class country music, his significant contribution to paving a whole new path for future independent country artists, and fostering a near-universal positivity in a culture that currently tends to be negative and divided, there's a good reason he's here. doing my best to save the country. music for no one now. Also underrated band. I was definitely late for Cody. Fortunately, it is very likely that we will all arrive early at the same time.



    • Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (27) Activate
      December 30, 2020@10h54

      That's how it is. I can't even mention Tyler Childers these days without someone telling me he's a communist.



      • Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (28) emma harris
        December 30, 2020@18:18

        Tyler didn't deserve this



  21. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (29) Fantastic
    December 30, 2020@17:29

    Also, unless I missed it in your article, you've been doing a ton of great podcast episodes in 2020. At first there was a series of videos on YouTube in the early days of the quarantine and now you do sort of a regular podcast with the guests:



  22. Cody Jinks Talks 'Somewhere in the Middle' Connects With Fans (30) patrick j.
    December 31, 2020@8:08 a. m.

    I have had the pleasure of seeing it twice. Both were road trips, which is a good thing in itself (if you can do it). I saw him on December 18 in Grand Rapids, MI (when I first saw him) with Steel Woods. Great show, really cool place. Then I saw him last February in South Bend, IN with Alex Williams. A group of Facebook blinks met at a bar before the show. I met great people and had a lot of fun. But coincidentally Jinks and his gang had dinner there. I met him and the band, shook his hand, took some photos and thanked him for the music. He really wanted to fanboy, but I also know that before a show is not the best time to do it. But he was kind, he made time for anyone who asked for a bit of time and it was a great time that I will never forget. And the show was fantastic too!

    He writes and plays great music and the fact that he's willing to spend that time with his fans says a lot about him. But if I ever find it again, I'll definitely become a fan!



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I'm Not the Devil

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What was the name of Cody Jinks metal band? ›

Music career. Jinks started out as the lead singer of a thrash metal band from Fort Worth named Unchecked Aggression, initially named Silas, that was active from 1998 to 2003.

Is Cody Jinks still married? ›

Cody Jinks and wife Rebecca have been married since 2013, but they have been together for so many years before that.

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Before he became a country singer, Jinks fronted a thrash-metal band called Unchecked Aggression.

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My new custom Fender Telecaster.

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Cody Jinks with special guests The Steel Woods and Erin Viancourt
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“Childers is ten fold the musician I am and I will never say otherwise,” he declared. “I can't express it enough that music is not for comparing, it's just stories and people trying to sing what their hearts feel.

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Most concerts last about 2-3 hours but can run shorter or longer depending on the artist, opening acts, encore, etc. Cody Jinks concerts typically last 2 hours.

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Luke Combs Is Hitting the Road for a 2023 World Tour With Lainey Wilson & Cody Johnson. The trek will hit 16 countries and three continents.

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In 2013, Simpson was linked to Gigi Hadid after they met while working on the music video for his song “Surfboard.” The former couple dated on and off for two years before calling it quits for good in May 2015.

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Cody Simpson Net Worth: Cody Simpson is an Australian pop singer who has a net worth of $5 million dollars.

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After 10-years away from the sport, and only one year of full-time training, Simpson qualified for the Australian Olympic Trials. He missed out Tokyo 2020 by just 1.24 seconds.

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What is Cody Jinks biggest hit? ›

Best Cody Jinks Songs of All Time – Top 10 Tracks
  1. Must Be The Whiskey.
  2. Loud and Heavy.
  3. Hippies and Cowboys.
  4. Mamma Song.
  5. Somewhere in the Middle.
  6. Fast Hand.
  7. Ain't a Train.
  8. We Get By.

What made Cody Simpson famous? ›

He portrayed the lead role of Dmitry in the Broadway musical Anastasia from November 2018 through April 2019. The same year, he won the first season of The Masked Singer Australia as "Robot". In 2022, Simpson joined the Australian Swim Team after qualifying for the Commonwealth Games during Australia's team trials.

How did Cody Jinks get famous? ›

Jinks kicked off his music career as the lead singer of a thrash metal band named Unchecked Aggression. They performed across the country from 1998 to 2003, with heavy metal bands Metallica and Pantera as their influences. In 2002, they released an album called The Massacre Begins.

What was the first important national Garage band hit song? ›

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What is the greatest hit of all time? ›

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5HOW DO I LIVE Leann Rimes US Release: 1997
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What are Cody Simpson's fans called? ›

Cody Simpson Fans: Angels/Simpsonizers.

Does Cody Jinks play on the radio? ›

Instead of selecting a track from his recent country album Mercy from 2021, Cody Jinks is calling country radio's bluff, and sending the biggest song of his career to the format, “Loud and Heavy.”

What was the first rock band ever? ›

A new report by Atlas Obscura dives into the history of the English group, The Original Monstre Rock Band, who by 1846 gathered fans from far and wide to behold their melodies created by actual rocks “hewn from a volcanic mountain called Skiddaw.”

Who was the first musician to have a major hit on the pop R&B and country charts at the same time? ›

May 1958 - Everly Brothers

The Everly Brothers score their second #1 hit "All I Have To Do Is Dream". It is the only song to hit #1 on the Pop, R&B and Country charts simultaneously.

Which rap record was the first to hit number one on the pop album chart? ›

On this day in 1987, Beastie Boys' Licensed to Ill became the first hip hop album to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200. This is a huge deal. When the album was released in November 1986, hip hop was still a niche genre that many dismissed and ignored.


1. Cody Jinks | "David" | Adobe Sessions
(Cody Jinks)
2. Grey
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3. Set 2 - 08 Cody Jinks - Wake Up Becki
4. Somewhere in the Middle (Modified)
(Cody Jinks)
5. Cody Jinks | "Same Kind Of Crazy As Me" Lyric Video | The Wanting
(Cody Jinks)
6. Cody Jinks | "Cast No Stones" Lyric Video | Adobe Sessions
(Cody Jinks)
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