9 Disney spendthrifts according to our experts (2023)

Disney World offers many extras to enjoy its magical experiences, but which ones are worth it? Disney got the price right from the start! ourtrip waitingDisney experts share their favorite Disney travel accessories.

Meet the experts

  • Sarah Armbruster - loves all things Disney and loves organizing magical memories for her clients.
  • Seana Beard - Every journey starts with Disney, she likes to properly plan her prospects.
  • Chris Cooking Dinner - Leitz - Not only does he love Disney, he owns his own travel agency and has taken many Disney vacations.
  • Laura Liden - The former Disney intern is now planning a magical vacation for all Disney shoppers.

1. Member stage room

These Premier Rooms are available at all Luxury Resorts (Modern, Polynesian Village, Grand Florida, Wilderness Lodge, Seaside Membership, Yacht Membership, Boardwalk Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge) as well as Disney's Grand Destiny Tower at Coronado Springs Resort. Member rooms offer some perks throughout the day, including meals, drinks and snacks. While circumstances and opportunities may vary, the Members Lounge serves breakfast, snacks, evening receptions and hors d'oeuvres throughout the day, as well as desserts and other treats each evening. Drinks are available throughout the day including lemonade, juice, espresso, tea and a selection of adult beverages.

Prepare dinner - Leitz loves the entryway with a dedicated concierge who has a dedicated phone and text line.

"There's nothing quite like the privacy of a main floor, slightly larger rooms, and extras like turndown service and a daily concierge program provider," Liden points out. “I like to start the day with a quick meal and a midday snack, but my favorites are the evening aperitifs, cocktails and desserts. The selection changes daily, so it's not always the same."

Pro tip:If your boyfriend is a park employee who works from sunrise to sunset, cook dinner — Leitz says the member's rooms aren't worth the luxury. However, if you're planning a leisurely Disney trip with a late start and lunch break, the membership rooms are definitely worth the money.

9 Disney spendthrifts according to our experts (1)

2. Seasonal Occasions

If you visit Walt Disney World at the end of the 12 months, consider purchasing two tickets.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

On select nights in August, September and October, the Magic Kingdom welcomes ghosts and ghouls of all ages to Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween celebrations. Celebration attendees can experience fun activities unique to the event, including the Headless Horseman experience, the Boo-To-You parade, trick-or-treating stations, on-site exhibits and Disney characters in Halloween costumes. Prepare dinner - Leitz says not to miss the fireworks.

Mickey's Christmas Party

During the months of November and December you can have fun with Mickey and Minnie during Mickey's Christmas Party. That holiday spirit spreads cheer throughout the Magic Kingdom on select nights. Get ready for dinner — Leitz says not only are your favorite attractions open (and some Christmas-themed ones!), but there's an amazing parade floating by with your favorite characters in their festive costumes, cookies and hot chocolate. In fact, it won't be Disney and it won't come with dazzling fireworks. Events usually start at 7pm. Your separately purchased ticket grants you access to the Magic Kingdom at 4pm.

If you're visiting Walt Disney World for Halloween or Christmas, cook dinner—events Letiz says should definitely be on your to-do list.

3. Pool Huts

Poolside Cabanas are available for reservation at select Disney resorts and water parks. These non-communal oases include some, if not all, of the following: loyal members serving staterooms, upholstered lounge chairs and sectional sofas, ceiling fans, smart cable TVs, fruit baskets or snacks stocked with complimentary groceries, mini-fridges stocked with soda and water and fluffy towels.

These are available as full-day and half-day charters and have limited availability at select resorts. Chalets must also be booked in advance.

"A poolside cabana at one of Disney's luxury resorts can be the highlight of a lazy day at the pool," adds Liden.

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4. Celebration of Dessert with Fireworks

Armbruster highly recommends the Fireworks Dessert Event if you love Magic Kingdom fireworks and are crazy about desserts. All you have to do is get to Tomorrowland Terrace early and take your test. You will then be seated at your reserved table, where you can enjoy stunning views of the fireworks, dessert and an adult beverage, along with some cheese and assorted juices. It was the perfect end to an ideal day at the Magic Kingdom!

As of this writing, it is $500 to $600, depending on the age of the child. To continue enjoying the fun, you must purchase park tickets and a park reservation or park ticket at Magic Kingdom. The price of the activity does not usually include entrance to the park.

5. Minnie's Truck

Minnie Vans is Disney's answer to Lyft or Uber. Liden loves to drive these adorable pink and white polka dot cars. They decide to put you in the car and drop you off at Walt Disney World Premium. Trusted member-operated and operated through the Lyft app, they are the wonderful solution for getting from A to B quickly. For those with young children they provide car seats if needed.

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6. Polynesian Bungalow

Another delight is staying in a Polynesian bungalow. There are two separate bedrooms and two full bathrooms. You even have a fully equipped kitchen and lounge, as well as your own private pool on the deck overlooking Seven Seas Lagoon. What a wonderful landscape!

“While it makes a great gift, it's exactly what our family of 3 wanted! If your price range or lack of 1 allows you to try them out I highly recommend. They are amazing! Rates (at the time of writing) start at around $2,300 a night,” said Armbruster.

7. Signature Diet

If you are a foodie try some of the typical dishes. The choice of restaurants is impressive - EPCOT's Le Cellier for steak lovers, Modern Dining's California Grill with incredible views of the fireworks and Victoria and Albert at the Grand Floridian for a 5 Diamond experience. With an incredible decision, Beard said that everyone should have one.

8. Galactic Star Cruiser

It's now one of the more expensive add-ons, but Beard says your little Jedi will always remember it. The Galactic Starcruiser is Disney's newest resort specially created for the biggest Star Wars fan. Package prices range from $5,000 to $7,000 (and often even more at the time of this writing). The itinerary is very similar to that of a cruise ship and the company is taken on an interplanetary journey. These fees include meals, lodging and a "tour" of the Batu Galaxy at Hollywood Studios.

9. Room with Theme Park View

Save money for the future and secure a room with a theme park view at one of three luxury resorts located in the Magic Kingdom. "Not only is it easy to have fun, but you can also escape the crowds at night and enjoy clear skies in your own pajamas," says Beard! Room rates vary.

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