10 of the worst wildfires in US history (2023)

The climate crisis has intensified and will continue to intensify,scientists warn– the annual wildfire season in the western United States. As the planet warms and drought conditions intensify, more of the country has.become more susceptible to rampant flames. only in 2020Colorado had its second biggest wildfireMore than 1,000,000 acres burned in Oregon, according to records, and California had its worst wildfire year on record. usually in the US10 million hectares burned. Of course, wildfires have always been a natural (and beneficial) part of many natural ecosystems, but some are simply catastrophic.

Here's a look back at 10 of the worst wildfires in US history.


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California wildfire season 2020 (California)

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California experienced its worst fire season on record in 2020. A total of 10,431 fires broke out, burning over 4 million acres. Almost all of them, except 563, which was triggered by lightning, were started by humans. The nation's largest wildfire of 2020 (and the largest complex fire in California history) was the August compound fire.

Started by a series of lightning strikes, the fire burned the entire coastal strip of Northern California, including Glenn, Shasta, Mendocino, Lake, Trinity, and Tehama counties, eventually joining the Elkhorn Fire. Together they blanketed nearby San Francisco in thick red doomsday smoke. The August Resort Fire lasted from August to mid-November.


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The Miramichi Fire (Maine)

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The Miramichi Fire of 1825 was one of the worst wildfires in North American history. While most of the damage was in New Brunswick (near the Canadian town of Miramichi), the storm also swept across the US state of Maine. When the fire was extinguished, more than3 million hectaresthey burned and at least 160 people died.

One of the most harrowing survival stories to emerge from this event involves residents of the Miramichi River fording its waters for hours as the fire raged. It is said that they shared the water with livestock and even wild animals such as raccoons, deer, bears and moose, all trying to escape the flames.


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The Great Fire of 1910 (Idaho, Montana and Washington)

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The Great Fire of 1910, sometimes called the "Great Burn", burned over 3 million acres across Idaho, Montana and Washington, an area roughly the size of Connecticut. There were 87 deaths in the fire, 78 of them firefighters.

Continuous fire managementShape the future of the US Forest Service. Immediately after the 1910 fire, the service committed to fighting all wildfires, including those that occur naturally and pose no threat to human life or property. The merits of this policy are still debated today, particularly among environmentalists, who insist that some forest fires are necessary for ecosystem health.


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The Great Fires of 1871 (Michigan, Illinois and Wisconsin)

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Four of the worst fires in US history took place in the same week, on October 8, 1871, in the Upper Midwest. The Great Chicago Fire, which at the time destroyed about a third of the city's assets and left more than 100,000 residents homeless, made headlines, but three other fires also burned. Holland and Manistee, Michigan were devastated by the Great Michigan Fire, while another statewide fire destroyed Port Huron. Perhaps worst of all was the Great Peshtigo Fire, which devastated the Wisconsin countryside and killed over 1,500 people, becoming the Great Peshtigo Fire.The deadliest wildfire in US history..

The fact that all these fires occurred simultaneously and at such great distances led scientists to suspect that they were arson.caused by a meteor shower, Fragments of the impact of Comet Biela. Others blame strong winds for the unusual confluence of events.


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California wildfire season 2008 (California)

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California experienced one of the most devastating wildfire seasons of the decade in 2008, with 6,255 fires1.5 million hectares of landthroughout Northern California, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and the Pacific coast. The biggest fire that year was the Klamath Theater Complex fire, in which 11 fires merged and burned nearly 200,000 acres in Siskiyou County (the northernmost point of California). As a result, two firefighters died.

Other notable fires from the 2008 California wildfire season include the Basin Complex fire, the second-largest of the year, started by lightning near Big Sur, and the Iron Alps Complex fire, which killed 10 people in the Trinity County.


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The Great Fire (Oregon)

A single fire in 1845 destroyed as much land as it burned in California during the entire 2008 wildfire season. The Great Fire ravaged 1.5 million acres in northern Oregon and devastated downtown Portland just two years later, before officially become a city. Flamedistributed in 20 square blocksin just 24 hours and destroyed hundreds of stores, homes and commercial properties. The entire downtown area shifted west as a result of the fire, the scars of which can be seen today in Portland's Yamhill Historic District.


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Taylor Complex Fire (Alaska)

This was the case at the time of the 2004 Taylor Complex fire in Alaska.biggest wildfire since records beganin the US since 1997. The resort burned more than 1.3 million acres in eastern Alaska near the Canadian border, burning both sides of the Taylor Highway and threatening the town's tourist attraction, Gold Miner Chicken.

It was the biggest conflagration of Alaska's record 2004 wildfire season, which turned out to be looking pretty good.6.6 million acres of burned forest– the highest sum in US history. The fire started during one of the driest and hottest summers on record. It was triggered by lightning and remained active from June to September.


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Wildfire-Season 2017 in Montana (Montana)

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In 2017, there were around 2,500 wildfires1.3 million acres of land in Montana. Despite a "below-than-average fire season" forecast for the year, severe sudden droughts provided the perfect conditions for wildfires to spread. According to the Montana DNRC's year-end fire report, it was 46%caused by lightningand 53% of humans.

The largest fire of the 2017 Montana wildfire season was the Lodgepole Complex fire, which destroyed 270,000 acres of grassland and pine forests in and around Jordan and was active from July through August. Destroyed over 30 homes and buildings.


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Fire Thumb (Michigan)

The Thumb Fire of 1881, also known as the Great Forest Fire of 1881 or the Huron Fire, is named for its location in the Thumb region of Michigan. It swept across Tuscola, Huron, Sanilac, and St. Louis counties. Clair, killing hundreds and destroying countless buildings, mostly due to a drought brought on by months of little rain. It burned over a million acres in less than a day (Sept. 6) and changed the landscape of the Thumb region for decades, if not centuries.

The fire of 1881 covered much of the eastern United States with smoke, resulting in a pseudo-twilight at 12:00 am. Therefore, the following day was called "Yellow Tuesday". The fire led to the formation of the Northern Forestry and Protection Association, founded in 1905 by the United States Forest Service, which it replaced.


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Wildfire-Saison 2020 em Oregon (Oregon)

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Like California, Oregon has been plagued by far too many wildfires in 2020, from the biggest Santiam fire, which turned Salem skies an eerie red, to the Slater and Devil fires that burned along the border between California and to California. Overall, more than a million acres burned during Oregon's 2020 wildfire season, destroying thousands of homes and killing 11 people. Although the fire season actually started in early July, the situation worsened in September, when particularly dry conditions and high winds caused several fires to spread rapidly.

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According to statistics from the National Interagency Fire Center2,215 fires occurred in OregonIn 2017, 662 were caused by lightning and 1,553 by humans.


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